Why do background images crop on mobile phones?

background image and text

We’ve had a few questions lately on why backgrounds images are cropped when viewed on a mobile phone. So here’s an article that tries to explain what’s happening here.

How to upgrade to Storefront Pro Skins version 1

storefront pro skins version 2

Storefront Pro Skins version 2 saves your Storefront Pro customizations to the Pootle Cloud. Version 2 is being released on Friday 27th April, 2018, and here’s instructions on the best way to upgrade to the latest version and keep your existing skins.

Introducing the Storefront Pro NEW FEATURES video

Storefront Pro 5.5 features video

Version 5.5 of Storefront Pro was a major update that included a whole bunch of new features including the new exciting home page hero module. Here’s a walkthrough video showing the latest features.

Introducing the ‘homepage hero’ for Storefront Pro

woocommerce storefront pro homepage hero

Version 5.5 of Storefront Pro is a major update and comes with an exciting new Homepage Hero option. This lets you transform your homepage with a single click. The new Homepage Hero setting lets you create four different kinds of beautiful layouts. 

Storefront Pro version 5

WooCommerce Storefront Pro live search

Storefront Pro 5 is now out – it’s a major update and now includes blazing fast WooCommerce live search. 

This simple WooCommerce tip will help you sell more products (probably)

show woocommerce products in your posts

If you use WooCommerce and have a blog then it’s a great idea to sometimes cross promote your products. This is especially useful if you blog or write posts that are related to your offering as your product is seen in context of your content. Here’s a short video tutorial that shows you how to do it.

Storefront Pro version 3 now available

WooThemes Storefront vertical naviation

Today we released Storefront Pro 3. This builds some extra cool features on top of those already released in previous version of Storefront Pro and is designed to work beautifully with WooThemes Storefront 2. If you would like to see detailed video walkthroughs of what’s possible with Storefront Pro click here to see 101 design customizations …

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How to set up WooCommerce Bookings for rental properties or hotel rooms

How to set up WooCommerce Bookings for rental properties or hotel rooms 10

WooCommerce Bookings is a very powerful extension that adds the ability for online booking.  Now WooThemes have built a free add-on to Bookings designed to make it easier to sell rooms and apartments. The following videos show you how to set up WooCommerce Bookings and the Accomodation Bookings extension. These video tutorials are using the …

How to set up WooCommerce Bookings for rental properties or hotel rooms Read More »

Storefront Pro mobile store

Storefront Pro mobile store 11

Here’s a sneak peek at some new functionality coming to Storefront Pro very soon. Mobile store gives your customers a richer, better and faster shopping experience when using the WooThemes Storefront theme – so you’ll sell more! Here’s a little video that shows you the mobile store option in Storefront Pro. If you have any …

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