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Free Blank Child Theme for WooCommerce Storefront

Free Blank Child Theme for WooCommerce Storefront 2

Here’s a free Blank Chlid theme for WooCommerce Storefront. This is great if you are looking to add your own css or php functions. Would you like lots more customization options for the Storefront theme? If you want to fully customize the Storefront Theme then checkout our Storefront Pro Plugin ($49)

4 lovely websites using the new Storefront Pro home page hero functionality

Built with woocommerce storefront pro

It’s great to see all the creative and brilliant websites that Pootle customers are building. Here’s some screenshots (and web addresses) of 4 recently pressed websites that have been built using Storefront Pro – hopefully they’ll give you a little inspiration.

Why do background images crop on mobile phones?

background image and text

We’ve had a few questions lately on why backgrounds images are cropped when viewed on a mobile phone. So here’s an article that tries to explain what’s happening here.

How to upgrade to Storefront Pro Skins version 1

storefront pro skins version 2

Storefront Pro Skins version 2 saves your Storefront Pro customizations to the Pootle Cloud. Version 2 is being released on Friday 27th April, 2018, and here’s instructions on the best way to upgrade to the latest version and keep your existing skins.

Storefront Pro 5.7.1 update

storefront pro

The new version of WooCommerce Storefront Pro has some really exciting options for the new home page hero.

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