YouTube sponsorship

“Thank you Jamie, the impact of your video is already huge! Our numbers are skyrocketing πŸš€

  • Plugin daily downloads x2
  • Website daily visits x3
  • Twentig One waitlist subscription x7

Thousands are discovering & loving our WordPress plugin ❀️”

Yann Collet – Lead Developer of the Twentig Plugin

Why YouTube?

YouTube has a huge number of people using it

As of 2024, YouTube has more than 2.7 billion users every month. This is 51% of all people who use the internet. One third of everyone in the world uses YouTube monthly. Over half of the people who use the internet on their phones visit YouTube each month.

SEO has changed πŸ‘‡

If you’ve noticed a decline in your SEO traffic, or if you’re concerned about the potential effects of AI on SEO, then turning to YouTube can be an excellent strategy for audience and customer growth.

What are the Sponsorship options?

Below are sponsorship opportunties for my YouTube channel. Please note these prices will increase when my YouTube subscriber base hits 100,000 πŸ˜‰

If you would like a video based on your product or service. This will be shown on my YouTube Channel.

Here’s one I made with SolidWP.

Sponsored video

  • Research
  • Storyboarding
  • Video production

$4500 per video

250 seconds sponsored videos

Some of my most popular videos are those where I showcase a WordPress plugin or product in 250 seconds. These videos typically receive high engagement and are perfect for sharing on social media.

WordPress 6.5 explained in 250 seconds πŸ”₯

Their concise format and valuable content make them highly shareable and viewer-friendly, making them a great way to get the word out about your WordPress product or service.

$2500 per episode

Re-create a website

I recreate a famous website using your plugin or theme.

Here’s one I made with the team at Brainstorm Force featuring Spectra.

  • Intro ‘sponsored by’ voiceover and logo display
  • Use your Themes and/or plugins throughout challenge

$2500 per episode

Pre-roll sponsor

A sponsored slot at the start of my videos.

$2500 for 5 videos

Current Sponsors πŸ‘‡
Paid Membership Pro
SEO Press

Note: If you would like the pre-roll to also be shown when the videos are embedded on Twitter (7k followers), LinkedIn (1000 followers) and Gutenberg Facebook Group (1.3k members) the cost is $4500.

Website Speed Build Challenge

The WordPress Speed Build Challenge is a fun live streamed event, where two people battle it out against the clock and each other to replicate a website design in just 30 minutes.

Show Sponsor

  • Sponsor logo shown on screen for entire live stream event
  • Sponsor message out at the start, middle and at the end of live stream

$5000 for 5 episodes

Product Showcase

The sponsors product will be used by the players throughout the challenge

$5000 per episode

Website Showcase

The sponsors website will be the website that players try to recreate.

$5000 per episode

Meg, Lily and Hetty Beginners Challenge

My daughters Meg, Lily and Hetty will take your WordPress product for a spin.

Here’s one we made for Kadence AI.

  • See how beginners use your WordPress product
  • Get exposure on my YouTube channel (20k+ subs)

$2500 per episode

White labelled videos

If you need a video made for your WordPress Product or Service (to be used on your website/s) .

  • Research
  • Storyboarding
  • Video production

$500 per minute (i.e if the video is 5 minutes long the cost with be $2500)

Video consultancy and strategy

If you need help levelling up your YouTube videos I now offer consulting. Contact me if you want to chat about developing a YouTube blueprint for your business.

$1500 per day

YouTube consultancy tweet

YouTube Masterminders

YouTube presents an incredible opportunity for WordPress companies to showcase expertise, build brand awareness, drive website traffic, and even generate leads and sales. But uploading random videos without rhyme or reason won’t get you very far.

This community will empower you with the skills and systems to turn your YouTube channel into a powerful marketing engine for your WordPress business. Together we’ll explore audience research, content planning, production best practices, and growth strategies to make your videos shine.

Coming soon…

Channel Stats

My YouTube channel has grown over 1 million views, and 70,000+ subscribers. My videos have recently been featured in WPTAVERN, Gutenberg Times, MasterWP and Matt Mullenweg’s blog.

As Featured in the following Media

What people are saying!

Matt Mullenweg 🀩

Joost de Valk πŸ”₯

joost de valk

The Twentig Plugin team πŸ˜€

Devin Walker and Bryce Adams

Matt Cromwell

So who’s sponsored the channel so far?

A big thank you to all my lovely sponsors! You have made it possible for me to make more content πŸ’ͺ

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