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New! Black Friday Video sponsored slots 👇

This year I’m creating a special Black Friday video called ‘Amazing WordPress Black Friday deals (2023)‘.

In the table below I’ve listed the prices for the featured slots. As well as on my YouTube channel (14.6k Subscribers) the Black Friday video will go out to my mailing list (8k), twitter (5k followers) and LinkedIn (500+ connections). If you book position 1 then your Black Friday deal will be first in my video… and so on down the list. It’s first come, first served, so please get in touch to guarantee your slot 💪😀

Your Position in the Black Friday videoPrice $
1 Gutenberg Hub1000
2 Wsform850
3 LifterLMS750
4 Barn2 500
5 Hostinger500
6 Independent Analytics 500
7 StellerWP400
8 StellerWP400
9 (reserved)400
10 Crocoblock300
11 MasterStudy LMS250
12 Cost Calculator250
13 LMS by Masteriyo250
14 (reserved)200
15 Gravity Forms 200

YouTube sponsorship options

Below are sponsorship opportunties for my YouTube channel. Please note these prices will increase when my YouTube subscriber base hits 15,000 😉

Sponsored video

If you would like a video based on your product or service.

  • Research
  • Storyboarding
  • Video production

$1000 per video

Re-create a website

I recreate a famous website using your plugin/theme.

  • Intro ‘sponsored by’ voiceover and logo display
  • Use your Themes and/or plugins throughout challenge

$1000 per episode

Block News sponsor

Regular news show focused on Gutenberg.

  • Intro ‘sponsored by’ voiceover and logo display
  • Sponsor logo display on Block News background

$1000 for 5 episodes

Pre-roll sponsor

A sponsored slot at the start of my videos.

$1000 for 5 episodes


My YouTube channel has grown over 1 million views, and 14,500 subscribers. My videos have recently been featured in WPTAVERN, Gutenberg Times, MasterWP and Matt Mullenweg’s blog.

I also now run WordPress courses for The Guardian Newspaper as part of their Digital Masterclass series.

If you would like to discuss a video, please contact me directly at

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