YouTube Video sponsorship

YouTube Video sponsorship 1

Sponsored Video Prices

Below are my prices for sponsored and white labelled videos. Please note these prices will increase as my YouTube subscriber base increases 😉

Re-create a website challenge

I recreate a famous website using your plugin/theme.

  • Intro ‘sponsored by’ voiceover and logo display
  • Use your Themes and/or plugins throughout challenge

$500 per episode

Block News sponsor

Regular news show focused on Gutenberg.

  • Intro ‘sponsored by’ voiceover and logo display
  • Sponsor logo display on Block News background

$500 for 5 episodes

White label video

If you need videos produced for your WordPress business.

  • Research
  • Storyboarding
  • Video production

$500 per minute


My YouTube channel has grown over 1 million views, and 9000 subscribers. My videos have recently been featured in wptavern, gutenberg times, and masterwp.

I also now run WordPress courses for The Guardian Newspaper as part of their Digital Masterclass series.

If you would like to discuss a video, please contact me directly at

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