Why YouTube?

As of 2024, YouTube has more than 2.7 billion users every month. This is 51% of all people who use the internet. One third of everyone in the world uses YouTube monthly. Over half of the people who use the internet on their phones visit YouTube each month.

Below are sponsorship opportunties for my YouTube channel. Please note these prices will increase when my YouTube subscriber base hits 25,000 😉

Sponsored video

If you would like a video based on your product or service. This will be shown on my YouTube Channel.

  • Research
  • Storyboarding
  • Video production

$1500 per video

Re-create a website

I recreate a famous website using your plugin or theme.

  • Intro ‘sponsored by’ voiceover and logo display
  • Use your Themes and/or plugins throughout challenge

$1500 per episode

Pre-roll sponsor

A sponsored slot at the start of my videos.

$1500 for 5 episodes

Current Sponsors 👇
Paid Membership Pro

White labelled videos

If you need a video made for your WordPress Product or Service (to be used on your website/s) .

  • Research
  • Storyboarding
  • Video production

$500 per minute (i.e if the video is 5 minutes long the cost with be $2500)

Video consultancy and strategy

If you need help levelling up your YouTube videos I now offer consulting. Contact me if you want to chat about developing a YouTube blueprint for your business.

$1500 per day

Meg and Lily Beginners Challenge

My daughters Meg and Lily will take your WordPress product for a spin.

  • See how beginners use your WordPress product
  • Get exposure on my YouTube channel (20k+ subs)

$1000 per episode


My YouTube channel has grown over 1 million views, and 20,000+ subscribers. My videos have recently been featured in WPTAVERN, Gutenberg Times, MasterWP and Matt Mullenweg’s blog.

As Featured in the following Media

I also now run WordPress courses for The Guardian Newspaper as part of their Digital Masterclass series.

If you would like to discuss a video, please contact me directly at jamie@pootlepress.com