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Storefront Pro

Customize the Storefront Theme 
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Storefront Blocks

Showcase WooCommerce Products on any page
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WooBuilder Blocks

Customize WooCommerce Single Product Pages
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PageBuilder Pro

Drag and Drop Page design for WordPress
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A collection of Awesome Blocks for Gutenberg
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18tags Pro

Customize the Pootlepress 18tags Theme
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What people say about our plugins

The best plugin purchase I've made in years!

Storefront Pro is unbelievably easy to use and is a real time saver. If scope creep or lack of coding experience are a concern, you will love this plugin!

Store 1
Deborah Jacobs

Better than the WooCommerce Storefront Powerpack

I prefer Review Storefront Pro over the WooCommerce Storefront Powerpack, because it has better options. SF Pro's best feature is the homepage hero. That was exactly what I was looking for. I am a fan of WC products however you need 3 or 4 plugins from WooCommerce to be able to do what you can do with Storefront Pro. However, I also have some plugins from WC installed that SF PRO cannot do: Storefront Product Hero (to show products on pages in a cool way) and Storefront Reviews to embed reviews on pages and posts. For some features I needed CSS-coding, such as changing the color of the review stars and removing the underlines of links in the footer. It would have been nice if no CSS-code was needed for that.

Store 1
Stephan Zwanikken

A total timesaver - for both new and experienced site builders

If you're new to Wordpress or even someone that's comfortable adding their own CSS to their child templates, Storefront Pro takes the pain out of the endless layout fiddling that usually comes with customization. Storefront Pro lets you quickly get your hands on most of the visual elements in the Woo Commerce Storefront theme and provides a simple interface to make changing the look of your store a snap. There are also loads of free video tutorials available that guide you step-by-step in configuring common shop layouts and page elements with the tool. Well worth every penny.

Store 1
Angelique Felgentreff

Excellent for the beginner

After installing storefront pro I was off and running. Very user friendly. Thanks

Store 1
Greg Levy

Very Useful

Storefront Pro is great. It's easy to use and allows you to customize your site. The Skins that are offered with Storefront Pro are classy and help make your website look more professional. I'm redoing my site using this. Wish I had known about it in the beginning.

Store 1
Luana Mitten

Great Support

I had a problem with the plugin and the support was very good and promtly

Store 1
Ramin Guliev

The answer to my prayers!

The Storefront theme i have on my WordPress site was causing so many problems and i needed to find a plugin that had good support to help me. I'm not a very tech savvy person so i believed the hype and opted for WooCommerce Power Pack plugins. Unfortunately their support was abysmal, and their plugins caused even more glitches than i had to start with, so I got a refund and had to start looking for a better solution..I came across Storefront Pro. I read the reviews and opted to take a chance on them. I'm so happy i did! The plugin is incredibly easy to use and the amount of video tutorials made it even easier. Not only did it solve my Storefront glitches, but it has an infinite amount of cool features which have made my website look amazing. I contacted support on a couple of occasions. They were extremely helpful and friendly, and they solved my problems perfectly. I would highly recommend Storefront Pro. It has made my life so much easier.

Store 7

Very Useful

Very easy to use and allows for a lot of customisation.

Store 1
Brandon Smith

***** Simply a great add-on...

What an easy way to get a bland Storefront theme to say 'BUY NOW!'. Thank you.

Store 9
Tony Iannella

The Best Option for Customizing the Storefront Theme

This is by far the best plugin for customizing the Storefront theme that I have found. I tried a couple others first before finding Storefront Pro, and they were lacking in features and support. Jamie at Pootlepress is very responsive, and always looking for ways to make the product better.

Store 1
Joseph Croft

Love It!!!!!!

I love store front pro!

Store 1
Carisa Hawkins

Excellent plugin!

The Storefront Pro plugin makes customising your website so easy. The Pootlepress videos are great too - showing you, step-by-step, what the plugin can do. Great after-sales service.

Store 1
Julie Sargeant

Useful plugin

Storefront is annoyingly un-customisable compared to Canvas, which I've been using for years. Decided to give Storefront Pro a go, since Storefront has virtually no configurable options on its own, and very glad I did. Considering an 'unlimited sites' account as I can see myself using this plugin/thee combo for other clients. Very easy to use, and anything you can't configure through the options in 'customizer', you can configure by adding your own CSS. Good plugin, glad I bought it.

Store 1
Deborah Williams

Quick and easy to use

I found this easy to use and some great features. Installing it was straight forward. I love the infinite scroll. The features are all easy to use. The support has been great. The support has always been fast and easy to follow (something that does not always happen when others try and provide help. You can use as many or as few features as you like.

Store 1
David Scott

Saves time

I haven’t got time to learn in depth coding so this will definitely speed things up.

Store 1
Mark Pitts

just brilliant!

One of the best plugins I have ever purchased - and it just simply works!

Store 1

Perfect for my site

Storefront pro is great to make the store look more unique. The support is amazing too.

Store 1
Jane Mallison

Incredible amazing plugin I'm definitely overwhelmed

I always wanted to work with the native theme Storefront but to get it to look my way I was going to need several paid plugins, time and stuff. I literally got my site up and running in like 30 minutes following the amazing video Jamie from Pootlepress posted on youtube. I couldn't help it, I bought it. I was looking for a simple and light store to sell my stuff. You can check my site on Sincables.ec

Store 1
Guillermo Soto

A Game Changer for Wordpress Users

The best way to make Wordpress your creative workspace. It gives you total access to a Wix or Squarespace type editing environment, but with all the control that any good designer wants to retain. Jamie is a developer that you can access and who is always ready to assist, he offers good quality How To videos and tutorials.

Store 1
Colin Consterdine

Great WooCommerce customizer with excellent personal support

I am very happy PootlePress customer and I really appreciate easy of use and dedicated personal support, if I need anything. Great job Jamie! ;-)

Store 20
Petr Silon

Extra Features are Great!

Awesome extra features for more customizing. A must have!

Store 1
Robin Morrow

Better Tool

Better than any other customization tool in the market for storefront

Store 1


Great plugin! And thanks for the quick response on both here as well as YouTube

Store 1
Riaan Pretorius


made it much easier to get my shop done ;)

Store 1
Simon Moser


Great customization options. It's what I wanted.

Store 1
Robert Rudolf RNR doo
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