Submit a support ticket for one of our products

Please check out Frequently Asked Support Questions before you submit a support ticket.

About 90% of support tickets are caused by other plugins or child themes. Please could you try de-activating these first and testing, before submitting a support ticket.

 Current known issues (that are being fixed asap)

  • Pagebuilder Pro – Version 3.7.1
    • Hyperlinks sometimes unlinking upon publish
  • Storefront Pro – Version 4.1
    • No current reported bugs
  • 18tags theme – Version 2
    • hide woocommerce shopping cart not working

Tips for getting a quicker response:

  1. One ticket for issues you are having with each plugin or theme.
  2. If there are multiple issues within this, please number each point. This really helps us.
  3. Be as detailed as possible and include screen grabs where you can.

To submit a support request, please login to your PootlePress account first.