About Pootlepress

About Pootlepress

Hi, I'm Jamie, the founder of Pootlepress.

Pootlepress was born 7 years ago. It's a been a fantastic and fun journey so far. We've trained 3500 people on WordPress in the past 7 years, and our plugins and themes are used by thousands of customers worldwide.

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Our leadership team

It's been a privilege to work with some incredibly talented people over the past 7 years.

Shramee is our Lead Developer. Together we come up with the ideas, and develop all our products. We're obsessed with crafting the finest WordPress themes and plugins. Shramee is based in Noida, Delhi. Here's a pic of us together. He's a genius!

Where we are based

We are based in Cheltenham, England - it's beautiful and a great place to live.

Our work

We're obsessed by WordPress - in a healthy way I hope - and are passionate about making WordPress easy for our customers. 

We've always strived to do useful and interesting work and that's still what drives us everyday.

Our WordPress plugins

Pagebuilder Pro - easy and powerful visual designer for WordPress pages, posts and products.
Storefront Pro - a plugin that let's you customize the design of the WooCommerce Storefront theme.
18tags Pro - a plugin that adds 'pro level' design options to our free 18tags theme
Caxton - a new plugin that adds exciting blocks to the upcoming Gutenberg WordPress editor.

Recently our Caxton plugin was featured by WordPress found Matt Mullenweg in his keynote speech at WordCamp US in Nashville. To see a video click here

Our Pagebuilder Plugin is now used on over 15,000 websites and our Storefront Pro plugin is used by over 5000 websites

We are really really proud to have helped thousands of individuals, small organisations and also major brands.

Thank you very much for taking the time to pootle :)

jamie m

ps i'm not very good at baking