The new WordPress Block Editor and 5 awesome page effects using the Shape Divider Block

Here’s a video tutorial on 5 page effects that you can create using the new WordPress Block editor and our free Caxton Plugin. Caxton is a free collection of Blocks that makes it easy to create awesome WordPress pages. This tutorial uses our Shape Divider Block that comes with Caxton. The great thing about the…

The Caxton Shape Divider Block is featured on the WP Tavern Podcast featuring Matt Mullenweg

Our Caxton Shape Divider Block got an amazing review by WordPress founder Matt Mulleweg last week on the WP Tavern weekly podcast.  Here’s the audio clip Audio Transcription Here’s the Question and Matt’s reply Question: Is there anything that people have built using Gutenberg that really impress you? Matt’s reply One of my current favourites…

caxton shape divider block featured by Matt Mullenweg

The Caxton Shape Divider Block is featured in Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word speech at WordCamp US 2018 in Nashville

Pootlepress had some great coverage at this years WordCamp US 2018 in Nashville. During Matt Mullengweg’s State of the Word speech our Caxton Shape Divider Block was featured.  I travelled to Nashville to attend WordCamp US this year, so sitting in the audience whilst our Caxton plugin was featured was a great moment :) Here’s…

storefront pro slider ratio fix

How to set the size of your Storefront Pro sliders so they don’t crop (whatever the device)

Storefront Pro home page sliders are by default set to ‘cover’. This means that whatever text you put over them, the text won’t fall outside of the image behind it. This is especially important when being viewed on a mobile phone. Here’s an explanation on why it’s best practice to set background images to cover….

Built with woocommerce storefront pro

4 lovely websites using the new Storefront Pro home page hero functionality

It’s great to see all the creative and brilliant websites that Pootle customers are building. Here’s some screenshots (and web addresses) of 4 recently pressed websites that have been built using Storefront Pro – hopefully they’ll give you a little inspiration.

Introducing Barossa and Streamliner, two new FREE WooCommerce Storefront Pro skins

Meet Barossa and Streamliner, our new free skins for WooCommerce Storefront Pro. Skins are like themes, but they have the advantage of being much more editable as all customizations have been created using Storefront Pro. Barossa and Streamliner are free for all current Storefront Pro subscribers.