Introducing Storefront Blocks our upcoming new plugin (video walkthrough)

6 thoughts on “Introducing Storefront Blocks our upcoming new plugin (video walkthrough)

  1. Simply Brilliant! Do you have a scheduled release date? I own Storefront and Page builder Pro, will this integrate with Storefront Pro Skins?
    Cheers – John

    1. Hi John,

      I’m aiming for the first week in September – yes it works great with storefront pro skins :)


  2. hi

    no paypal for buy ?

    1. Hi Alex,

      It’s not quite released yet :)

      I’m planning to release in early September,

      Kind regards

  3. Think twice before supporting Gutenberg…

    @photomatt: “Gutenberg will definitely be a whole-page builder, that’s the entire point of phase 2. All of the infrastructure is built to support that, so it will happen much faster than phase 1.”

    1. Hi Herb,

      Could you elaborate a little on your thinking :)

      i.e ‘think twice before supporting Gutenberg’


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