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WooBuilder blocks is a WordPress plugin that lets you customize the WooCommerce Single Product Page for a single product, a category of products, or for all your products. It’s built to be super fast and lean, with no Page Builder required

Today we released version 2.5 of WooBuilder Blocks. It’s a major release that contains the following improvements

  • New Template Block
  • New Tabs Blocks
  • New Sales Countdown Block
  • Support for new WooCommerce Admin interface

Video Walkthrough of WooBuilder Blocks version 2.5 new features

Let’s take these one by one and explain each one

The New WooBuilder Template Block

The new Template Block contains two pre-designed layouts that makes it really easy to start your customized WooCommerce Product Layout.

You can still create your own templates and apply them to your products in the normal WooBuilder Blocks way – click here for more

Once you’ve inserted the Woobuilder Block then you can make any changes as per normal. We’ll be introducing new Template Blocks in future version.

woocommerce template block
woocommerce template block
WooBuilder Blocks version 2.5 features 1
select a layout
WooBuilder Blocks version 2.5 features 2
The new WooBuilder Template Block in action

The WooBuilder Tabs Block

The WooBuilder Tabs Blocks does what it says on the tin 🙂

It makes it possible to add the traditional tabs to a WooCommerce Product Page.

If you add the WooBuilder Tabs Block to a template it will automatically pull in your WooCommerce Long Description

If you add to a single product then you can copy your long description into a text box – this is found in the right hand customizer.

Woobuilder Tabs Block
Woobuilder Tabs Block

If you use the WooBuilder Tabs Block in a product that is subsequently used in a template then the Tabs Block will automatically pull in your long descriptions.

The WooBuilder Sales Countdown Block

The Sales Countdown Block adds a visual countdown for your sales that encourages your customers to take action.

The Sales Countdown Blocks automatically calculates the time remaining.

The colours of the Sales Countdown Blocks circles are customizable, as are the fonts and position of the numbers.

WooBuilder Sales Countdown Block
WooBuilder Sales Countdown Block
WooBuilder Blocks version 2.5 features 3
WooBuilder Sales Countdown Block

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