woobuilder blocks for woocommerce

WooBuilder Blocks is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to fully customize the design and layout of the WooCommerce Single Product Page

Can be used for a single product, a category of products, or for all your products.

Purchase a licence

$49 for 1 site, $75 for 5 sites, $99 for 25 sites, and $199 for an unlimited sites license


What people say about WooBuilder Blocks

WooBuilder Blocks is a really neat way of integrating the new WordPress block editor into WooCommerce. Without the need for a page builder plugin like Elementor or Beaver Builder, you’re able to gain full control over the design of your product pages. ‘

WPLift woobuilder blocks review

‘That’s what I love about Pootlepress WooBuilder Blocks. They picked an approach and they said ‘this is what we are doing, we are solving the product page and this is how we are going to roll it out. ‘

chris lema
Chris Lema,
VP of Products

‘As a professional web developer and using WooCommerce with many client’s websites, the styling of WooCommerce product pages is heavily reliant on the theme that you use. Many themes don’t have much flexibility as far as design for product pages. I can tell you, the WooBuilder Blocks plugins is worth every penny and is by far, the very best WooCommerce product page styling tool I have ever seen. In less than an hour including a short learning curve to learn the new plugin, I had a new product up and running that looks stunning on the website. The drag and drop ease of this plugin and all of the new features are the very best solution I have ever found PERIOD. Compliments to the developers of this outstanding program. Try it.. You’ll LOVE IT.’

rich w
Rich W
Web Developer

Create awesome WooCommerce Single Product Pages

WooBuilder blocks makes it easy to create any layout for your WooCommerce Single Product Page.

WooCommerce Product Page Editor

We’ve built a collection of blocks that you can re-arrange to create a completely bespoke Single Product Layout.

  • Easy to use
  • Works on any theme
  • No design limitations
  • Uses new block editor
  • Create templates
  • Boost sales

Works with all WooCommerce product types

  • Simple product
  • Variable product
  • Grouped product
  • Virtual product
  • External product
  • Downloadable product

Works with official WooCommerce Extensions

  • WooCommerce Product Add ons
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Memberships
  • WooCommerce Bookings
woocommerce product block carousel
Showcase your products – here we see the Product Carousel Block
verically aligned right woocommerce product galleries
Lots of customization options – here we see vertical product galleries

Easy customization

WooBuilder Blocks uses the new Gutenberg editor.

So customization of your Product Page layout is incredibly easy.

We’ve built a collection of blocks that you can arrange in any way you like.

WooBuilder blocks

  • Product title
  • Product image
  • Product price
  • Add to cart
  • Short description
  • Product reviews
  • Related products
  • Product tabs
  • Product carousel block
  • Sales Countdown

You can also use any 3rd Party Gutenberg blocks within your Single Product layout

woobuilder layouts
Drag and drop the blocks to re-arrange the Product layout
edit woocommerce product fonts
Full control over your Woocommerce Product fonts and sizes

Create templates and apply them to multiple WooCommerce Products

WooBuilder makes it easy to create a template out of your new WooCommerce Single Page design.

Templates can be applied to multiple WooCommerce products using Product Categories and Tags.

WooBuilder 6

Designed to boost your sales

WooBuilder Blocks has a growing collection of blocks that are designed to help you increase your sales.

Sales countdown block

The picture on the right shows the Sales Countdown Block.

You can see the Sales Countdown being customized in the WordPress editor.

The Sales Countdown block encourages your customers to make purchases before the sale ends.

Showcase your product videos

Embed videos anywhere in the WooCommerce Product page. In the example of the right we’ve replaced the main product image with a video.

WooBuilder 7
The sales countdown block
WooBuilder 8
showcase your product videos

Create bespoke designs for your Single Product page

Unleash your creatively and create beautiful product pages.

Showcase your product images, or videos. Create galleries. Add product slideshows.

Add testimonials, social share buttons. Anything and everything is possible.

WooBuilder Blocks comes with a growing library of pre-built WooCommerce Product Page templates that you can insert in just 1 click.

woobuilder examples
WooBuilder 9
pre-built templates

How to use WooBuilder Blocks

Key benefits

  • Create better WooCommerce Product Pages
  • Break free of the default WooCommerce Product Page layout
  • Make your products stand out from your competitors
  • Showcase your product images
  • Showcase your videos
  • Leverage 3rd party Gutenberg blocks to create stunning layouts
  • Test different Product Page designs to see which sell best
  • Increase sales

Key features

  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Uses the new Gutenberg Editor
  • ‘Drag and drop’ customization of the WooCommerce Product Page
  • Works with all types of WooCommerce Product. E.G simple, virtual, affiliate and variable products
  • Change fonts, colors and text size
  • Customize the WooCommerce ‘add to cart‘ button
  • Works with the WooCommerce Product Add Ons plugin
  • Support for ‘best of breed’ 3rd Party WooCommerce plugins E.G WooCommerce Attribute Swatches
  • Works with any 3rd party Gutenberg Blocks e.g CoBlocks, Kadence Blocks, Atomic Blocks, Stackable, Advanced Gutenberg, Ultimate add ons for Gutenberg, Caxton.

What’s coming next in WooBuilder Blocks

We constantly update and improve our plugins and here is what we have planned next for WooBuilder

Short term release plan – July 2019 (now released)

  • Pre-designed templates – easy to use pre-designed WooCommerce Product Page templates
  • WooCommerce Sales countdown timer block

Medium term release plan – August 2019 (now released)

  • Product Gallery Layout options (e.g vertical gallery images)

Long term release plan – January 2020

  • Split testing for WooCommerce Single Products – automatically serving the version that converts best

How WooBuilder Blocks works

Use WooBuilder Blocks library of blocks to construct and design your WooCommerce Product Page. You can convert existing Products to use WooBuilder or you can use it to create a new Product.

how woobuilder works

WooBuilder uses the Gutenberg Editor. This means that you can use any 3rd Party Blocks to create your WooCommerce Single Product Page. Simply drag the WooBuilder Blocks into your design. WooBuilder Blocks include, Product Title, Product Short Description, Star Rating, Product Price, Add to Cart. All WooBuilder blocks can be customised. You can change the font family, font size and font color of each WooBuilder Block.

woobuilder - customize the woocommerce single product page

Once you have finished designing your new WooCommerce Single Product Page, just click publish or update, and your new Product will be live.

woobuilder - customize the woocommerce single product page


Templates make it easy to apply your new WooCommerce Single Product Page design to multiple products, using WooCommece Product Categories and Tags.

It’s easy to get working and only takes a few minutes. Here’s how it works.

Save your template

save your template

Name your template

name your template

Click on All Templates

click on all templates

Click edit template

edit template

Select your categories to apply the template to

select categories


Here’s some example WooCommerce Product Pages that have been designed with WooBuilder Blocks.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does WooBuilder work on all themes
    Yes it does
  • Can I cancel my payment at any time?
    Yes you can. The licence gives you access to one years support and updates. You can cancel and WooBuilder will still be active, however you won’t get updates and support in year two.
  • Does a licence include a development licence?
    Yes a licence includes one development licence so you can run WooBuilder on your development site.
  • Does WooBuilder require the Gutenberg Editor?
    Yes it does
  • What is your refund policy?
    We offer a 14 day refund if you have a technical issue that we cannot resolve. Please send our terms and conditions for more details.