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$49 for 1 site, $75 for 5 sites, $99 for 25 sites, and $199 for an unlimited license


A licence includes 1 years of support and updates.
You can cancel at any time and the plugin will carry on working,
however if you do cancel then you won’t get updates in the following year.

woobuilder woocommerce product page examples

How to use WooBuilder

Key benefits

  • Create better WooCommerce Product Pages
  • Break free of the default WooCommerce Product Page layout
  • Make your products stand out from your competitors
  • Showcase your product images
  • Showcase your videos
  • Leverage 3rd party Gutenberg blocks to create stunning layouts
  • Test different Product Page designs to see which sell best
  • Increase sales

Key features

  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Uses the new Gutenberg Editor
  • ‘Drag and drop’ customization of the WooCommerce Product Page
  • Works with all types of WooCommerce Product. E.G simple, virtual, affiliate and variable products
  • Change fonts, colors and text size
  • Customize the WooCommerce ‘add to cart‘ button
  • Works with any 3rd party Gutenberg Blocks e.g CoBlocks, Kadence Blocks, Atomic Blocks, Stackable, Advanced Gutenberg, Ultimate add ons for Gutenberg, Caxton.

Coming next in WooBuilder version 2

We constantly update and improve our plugins and here is what we have planned next for WooBuilder

  • Templates – so that you can easily replicate your designs on multiple products
  • Pre-designed templates – easy to use pre-designed WooCommerce Product Page templates
  • Advanced product layout block
  • Related products block
  • Support for 3rd Party WooCommerce plugins, starting with WooCommerce Attribute Swatches from the team at iconicwp.com

How WooBuilder works

Use WooBuilder’s library of blocks to construct and design your WooCommerce Product Page. You can convert existing Products to use WooBuilder or you can use it to create a new Product.

how woobuilder works

WooBuilder uses the Gutenberg Editor. This means that you can use any 3rd Party Blocks to create your WooCommerce Single Product Page. Simply drag the WooBuilder Blocks into your design. WooBuilder Blocks include, Product Title, Product Short Description, Star Rating, Product Price, Add to Cart. All WooBuilder blocks can be customised. You can change the font family, font size and font color of each WooBuilder Block.

woobuilder - customize the woocommerce single product page

Once you have finished designing your new WooCommerce Single Product Page, just click publish or update, and your new Product will be live.

woobuilder - customize the woocommerce single product page


Here’s some example WooCommerce Product Pages that have been designed with WooBuilder.

  • woobuilder with shape divider
  • woobuilder with product gallery
  • woobuilder with 2 picture gallery
  • woobuilder using coblocks gutenberg block
  • woobuilder full screen image product
  • woobuilder using coblocks media block
  • woobuilder using full width layout
  • woobuilder using block gallery carousel
  • woobuilder featuring video product
  • woobuilder with carousel for product gallery
  • woobuilder using coblock media card

Frequently asked questions

  • Does WooBuilder work on all themes
    Yes it does
  • Can I cancel my payment at any time?
    Yes you can. The licence gives you access to one years support and updates. You can cancel and WooBuilder will still be active, however you won’t get updates and support in year two.
  • Does a licence include a development licence?
    Yes a licence includes one development licence so you can run WooBuilder on your development site.
  • Does WooBuilder require the Gutenberg Editor?
    Yes it does
  • What is your refund policy?
    We offer a 14 day refund if you have a technical issue that we cannot resolve. Please send our terms and conditions for more details.