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Total freedom to design the whole WooCommerce Product Page any way you like. Fully customize the WooCommerce Product Page using Gutenberg, the WordPress Block Editor.

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WooCommerce Product Page Design Made Easy

WooBuilder Blocks is a plugin that allows you to customize your product page with ease, without having to know any coding or design skills. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create an attractive and professional-looking product page in minutes!

Customizing your WooCommerce Product Page has never been easier than it is now with WooBuilder Blocks. You no longer have to spend hours trying to figure out how to code something from scratch when all you want is a new look for your store’s products. You don’t need any knowledge of HTML or CSS – we’ve got everything covered for you! All you need are some ideas and imagination!

Just use the WordPress Block Editor, and WooBuilder Blocks to create your stunning new Product Page design.

woobuilder blocks
woobuilder layouts

Create stunning Product layouts in just a few minutes
(no page builder required)

Two major benefits of customizing the WooCommerce Product Page

  1. More Sales – An awesome WooCommerce Product page will convert more of your prospects into new customers
    • Make no mistake high quality design is incredibly important in convincing your customers to buy from you. By creating a better design for your WooCommerce Product Page you’ll get a big advantage over your competitors because you can showcase your products in the best possible way.
  2. Much much better SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • By breaking free of the normal WooCommerce Product Page layout you can include much more keyword rich content that your customers will be searching for on Google.


Worth every penny and is by far, the very best WooCommerce product styling tool I have ever seen

As a professional web developer and using WooCommerce with many client’s websites, the styling of WooCommerce product pages is heavily reliant on the theme that you use. Many themes don’t have much flexibility as far as design for product pages. I can tell you, the WooBuilder Blocks plugins is worth every penny and is by far, the very best WooCommerce product page styling tool I have ever seen. In less than an hour including a short learning curve to learn the new plugin, I had a new product up and running that looks stunning on the website. The drag and drop ease of this plugin and all of the new features are the very best solution I have ever found PERIOD. Compliments to the developers of this outstanding program. Try it.. You’ll LOVE IT

WooBuilder 13

Quickly make pages and lay them out how YOU want them.

It takes a brilliant mind(s) to take something obvious and make it simple - so thanks so much. Both StoreFront and Woo Builder blocks have revolutionised the development game. I was searching for a way to recreate the look of shopify and these blocks have done that and more. There are little touches to increase productivity that makes my life so much easier. The support is timely and well informed. But honestly, all the videos that they have really make the process so easy. Give them a go and you'll be sold like I am.

WooBuilder 13
Wendy Cullinane

Love these blocks!

I am so happy to have a way to customize WooCommerce!

WooBuilder 13
Jeanne Vogel

Very nice plugin

It is so flexible and the results is awsome! Love this plugin for his multiple posibilities like one product landing page. Thank you!

WooBuilder 13
Ionescu Catalin


It’s very simple to use, the support is reactive and effective

WooBuilder 13
Wanda Vachon

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Outstanding customer support. Like, for real!

I messed up my WordPress environment. Being a newby I installed a variety of plugins, builders, storefront templates etc etc. Since I messed up various functions didn't work and I got pretty frustrated. Jamie came to the rescue big time. He looked into my WP-ADMIN settings and resolved all the issues I caused myself in less then a day after me contacting him. True hero coming to the rescue support.

WooBuilder 13

Woo Blocks

Great Product and great communication

WooBuilder 13
colm Gurnett

Great Product backed by Phenomenal Support!

We started using WooBuilder Blocks to develop our new eCommerce part of our site. This plugin dramatically accelerates the ability to professional product page designs and add new products. We are still in the process of finalizing our designs and recently moved our staging site to our live site. With the migration process, we experienced several issues overall. When I wrote into WooBuilder's support to inquire about lost formatting, I received an almost immediate response. I was amazed, and I will say that kind of support is rare. With input from WooBulder, we were able to identify and resolve the issue. Now we're back designing product pages with this easy-to-use block editor. I highly recommend this product and this company overall. We will be trying some of the other WooCommerce products they offer.

WooBuilder 20
Mary Khoury

Extremely Helpful and Great Support

Jamie was extremely fast offering support to the issue I had in my website. App extremely useful too - specially for who's just starting at e-commerce and using tools like WooCommerce. Highly recommend! :)

WooBuilder 13
Leonardo Becker

Very nice plugin

Nice plugin and fast customer support when I need it :)

WooBuilder 13
Andreas Natsis

Does what it says

I needed to add custom meta fields to the product description. WBB allowed me to do that, and format the data to give it a neat appearance.

WooBuilder 13
Gerard Collon

Works perfectly for us!

So liberating to finally be able to make real websites instead of having to plow through hundreds of thousands of themes not designed as you wish. The support is also great, fast and committed to make sure that we understand how to use this tool.

WooBuilder 24
Simon Björndahl

Superb Plugin - Just what I needed

I've been waiting for something like this for ages. I've spent hours trying to do what this does in no time at all. I've used the other plugins from pootlepress and been very happy and this one is no different. Well worth every penny and I would definitely recommend without question.

WooBuilder 13
Stuart Morley

Very fast and helpfull support

Jamie has been most helpfull getting me up and running with the WooBuilder Blocks. We had a problem with some fonts not loading properly but the problem was adressed very quickly and also my questions regarding how to get all the builder parts to show up were answered the same day. It got my site up and running with the new layout very quickly. Thanks Jamie!

WooBuilder 13
Kristof Loyens

In the press

‘WooBuilder Blocks is a really neat way of integrating the new WordPress block editor into WooCommerce. Without the need for a page builder plugin like Elementor or Beaver Builder, you’re able to gain full control over the design of your product pages. ‘

WPLift woobuilder blocks review

‘That’s what I love about Pootlepress WooBuilder Blocks. They picked an approach and they said ‘this is what we are doing, we are solving the product page and this is how we are going to roll it out. ‘

chris lema
Chris Lema
Liquid Web

Create awesome WooCommerce Single Product Pages

WooBuilder blocks makes it easy to create any layout for your WooCommerce Single Product Page using Gutenberg, the WordPress Block Editor.

Works with all WooCommerce product types

  • Simple product
  • Variable product
  • Grouped product
  • Virtual product
  • External product
  • Downloadable product

Works with official WooCommerce Extensions

  • WooCommerce Product Add ons
  • WooCommerce Deposits
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Memberships
  • WooCommerce Bookings
  • WooCommerce Composite Products
woocommerce product block carousel

Easy customization

Customization of your Product Page layout is incredibly easy.

We’ve built a collection of blocks that you can arrange in any way you like.

WooBuilder blocks

  • Product title
  • Product image
  • Product price
  • Add to cart
  • Short description
  • Product reviews
  • Related products
  • Product tabs
  • Product carousel block
  • Request quote
  • Sales Countdown

You can also use any 3rd Party Gutenberg blocks within your Single Product layout.

woobuilder layouts
edit woocommerce product fonts

Create templates and apply them to multiple WooCommerce Products

Templates can be created applied to multiple WooCommerce products using Product Categories and Tags.

WooBuilder 32

Designed to boost your sales

WooBuilder Blocks has a growing collection of extra blocks that are designed to help you increase your sales.

WooBuilder 33


Embed videos anywhere in the WooCommerce Product page.

WooBuilder 34

A / B Split Testing for WooCommerce Products

WooBuilder Blocks comes with an A/ B Split Testing Block.

This makes it easy to test different versions of the same product and then choose which one converts the best.

Create bespoke designs for your Single Product page

Unleash your creatively and create beautiful product pages.

Showcase your product images, or videos. Create galleries. Add product slideshows.

Add testimonials, social share buttons. Anything and everything is possible.

WooBuilder Blocks comes with a growing library of pre-built WooCommerce Product Page templates that you can insert in just 1 click.

woobuilder examples
WooBuilder 35

How to use WooBuilder Blocks

Key benefits

  • Create better WooCommerce Product Pages
  • Break free of the default WooCommerce Product Page layout
  • Make your products stand out from your competitors
  • Showcase your product images
  • Showcase your videos
  • Leverage 3rd party Gutenberg blocks to create stunning layouts
  • Test different Product Page designs to see which sell best
  • Increase sales

Key features

  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Uses the new Gutenberg Editor
  • ‘Drag and drop’ customization of the WooCommerce Product Page
  • Works with all types of WooCommerce Product. E.G simple, virtual, affiliate and variable products
  • Change fonts, colors and text size
  • Customize the WooCommerce ‘add to cart‘ button
  • Works with the WooCommerce Product Add Ons plugin
  • Support for ‘best of breed’ 3rd Party WooCommerce plugins E.G WooCommerce Attribute Swatches
  • Works with any 3rd party Gutenberg Blocks e.g CoBlocks, Kadence Blocks, Atomic Blocks, Stackable, Advanced Gutenberg, Ultimate add ons for Gutenberg, Caxton.

What’s coming next in WooBuilder Blocks

We constantly update and improve our plugins and here is what we have planned next for WooBuilder.

  • Stock Countdown Block – Now released
  • New Up sells Block – Now released

How WooBuilder Blocks works

Use WooBuilder Blocks library of blocks to construct and design your WooCommerce Product Page. You can convert existing Products to use WooBuilder or you can use it to create a new Product.

how woobuilder works

WooBuilder uses the Gutenberg Editor. This means that you can use any 3rd Party Blocks to create your WooCommerce Single Product Page. Simply drag the WooBuilder Blocks into your design. WooBuilder Blocks include, Product Title, Product Short Description, Star Rating, Product Price, Add to Cart. All WooBuilder blocks can be customised. You can change the font family, font size and font color of each WooBuilder Block.

woobuilder - customize the woocommerce single product page

Once you have finished designing your new WooCommerce Single Product Page, just click publish or update, and your new Product will be live.

woobuilder - customize the woocommerce single product page


Templates make it easy to apply your new WooCommerce Single Product Page design to multiple products, using WooCommece Product Categories and Tags.

It’s easy to get working and only takes a few minutes. Here’s how it works.

Save your template

save your template

Name your template

name your template

Click on All Templates

click on all templates

Click edit template

edit template

Select your categories to apply the template to

select categories

Here’s some example WooCommerce Product Pages that have been designed with WooBuilder Blocks.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does WooBuilder work on all themes
    Yes it does
  • Can I cancel my payment at any time?
    Yes you can. The licence gives you access to one years support and updates. You can cancel and WooBuilder will still be active, however you won’t get updates and support in year two.
  • Does a licence include a development licence?
    Yes a licence includes one development licence so you can run WooBuilder on your development site.
  • Does WooBuilder require the Gutenberg Editor?
    Yes it does
  • What is your refund policy?
    We offer a 14 day refund if you have a technical issue that we cannot resolve. Please send our terms and conditions for more details.
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