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Why do background images crop on mobile phones?

background image and text

We’ve had a few questions lately on why backgrounds images are cropped when viewed on a mobile phone. So here’s an article that tries to explain what’s happening here.

How to upgrade to Storefront Pro Skins version 1

storefront pro skins version 2

Storefront Pro Skins version 2 saves your Storefront Pro customizations to the Pootle Cloud. Version 2 is being released on Friday 27th April, 2018, and here’s instructions on the best way to upgrade to the latest version and keep your existing skins.

Storefront Pro 5.7.1 update

storefront pro

The new version of WooCommerce Storefront Pro has some really exciting options for the new home page hero.

What’s new in 18tags Pro 2.2

18tags pro home page hero

We’ve just released a new version of 18tags Pro that includes some really exiting functionality, including more options to customize the new home page hero.

Introducing the Storefront Pro NEW FEATURES video

Storefront Pro 5.5 features video

Version 5.5 of Storefront Pro was a major update that included a whole bunch of new features including the new exciting home page hero module. Here’s a walkthrough video showing the latest features.

Introducing the ‘homepage hero’ for Storefront Pro

woocommerce storefront pro homepage hero

Version 5.5 of Storefront Pro is a major update and comes with an exciting new Homepage Hero option. This lets you transform your homepage with a single click. The new Homepage Hero setting lets you create four different kinds of beautiful layouts. 

Sneak Peek: The posts slider for 18tags Pro

Sneak Peek: The posts slider for 18tags Pro 6

One of the things I loved most about the Woothemes Canvas theme was it’s in-built magazine template. This includes a lovely post slider where you could select which posts to feature. So coming soon is the new Posts Slider for 18tags Pro and we’ve made it incredibly easy to implement.

WooCommerce Storefront Pro Wishlists

WooCommerce Storefront Pro Wishlists 7

WooCommerce Storefront Pro Wishlists lets your customers save their products into a wishlist so they can view and purchase them later on.

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