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WooCommerce Storefront template blocks

woocommerce storefront template pack

Version 5 of Pootle Pagebuilder Pro includes pre-built template blocks, including a few specifically built for WooCommerce Storefront. This post shows you examples and how to use them on your website.

Pootle Pagebuilder Pro 5 – what’s new

pagebuilder pro version 5

What’s new in Pootle Pagebuilder Pro. This is a major update that contains a whole bunch of cool new features, including Pootle Cloud, better Mobile handling and Full width content rows.

PootleCloud for pootle pagebuilder – sneak peek video

PootleCloud for pootle pagebuilder - sneak peek video 6

Here’s a very very early first look at something we are developing for Pootle Pagebuilder Pro customers. PootleCloud will let you save your designs to the cloud so that you can reuse them, either on the website you are working on, or any website that you choose 🙂

Introducing Storefront Pro SalesPop

Introducing Storefront Pro SalesPop 7

We’ve just launched Storefront Pro SalesPop, a free add on module for Storefront Pro customers that displays real time notifications of recent orders on your WooCommerce Storefront website.

What’s new in Pootle Pagebuilder 4

pootle pagebuilder version 4

We’ve just released version 4 of Pootle Pagebuilder and here’s what’s new. The major change is we’ve improved how row / content block settings are made.

Pagebuilder LiveStyle – sneak peek video

Pagebuilder LiveStyle - sneak peek video 8

This is one of the most exciting updates that we’ve ever released. Pootle Pagebuilder LiveStyle will give you instant, realtime previews of all your design changes. Here’s a video that shows you how it works.

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