WooBuilder 2 – Create unique templates for the WooCommerce Single Product Page

WooBuilder version 2 enables you to create beautiful WooCommerce Single Product pages, and reuse your designs as templates for all your products.

  1. Create a better layout for your WooCommerce single product pages
  2. Create reusable templates from your designs
  3. Transform your WooCommerce single products with one click
  4. Sell more products :)

WooBuilder version 2 will be released in February 2018 and is a free add-on module for Pootle Pagebuilder Pro.

Here’s a little video that shows you how WooBuilder works

10 thoughts on “WooBuilder 2 – Create unique templates for the WooCommerce Single Product Page

  1. Very nice. You made it look fairly simple. Great job!

  2. Hi, ready soon?

    1. Hi Johanne, yes the betas are ready, just final testing :)

      1. Hi Jamie,
        Any news?

        1. Early next week :)

          1. Hi Jamie,
            It’s been three weeks since your reply.
            Any news?

          2. Hi Alexander,

            Sorry we were delay by woocommerce 3.3 issues – i’m aiming for friday :)


  3. Thanks Jamie for this update! A life saver :)

  4. Quick question:

    Once you’ve changed a product with Woobuilder, is there any way of removing all Woobuilder changes after the fact?

    1. Hi Jack,

      Yes you can turn it back to a normal woocommerce product – go to edit product, look over on the right and you’ll see the option


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