What’s new in 18tags Pro 2.2

We’ve just released a new version of 18tags Pro that includes some really exiting functionality. Either watch the video below or jump down the page to see the highlights.

Video Walkthrough

New functionality in 18tags Pro

Home page hero

  • New option to show home page hero below the header
  • New option to change the height of the home page hero area
  • New option to change text size and font
  • New option to have different button text and links for each slide


  • Create a featured posts slider out of your sticky posts
  • Change the height of the featured image height for posts

Main hightlights

Show home page hero below header or behind the header

18 tags pro home page hero below header

Change home page hero height

change 18tags pro header height


Change font and font size

18tags pro font size


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