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Pagebuilder iPad app – sneak peak video

Here’s a sneak peak video of our upcoming Pootle Pagebuilder iPad app. We think it’s pretty cool and we hope you’re going to love it. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

How to create a WordPress to Mailchimp landing page

How to create a WordPress to Mailchimp landing page I often get asked when running my WordPress training courses ‘how do you create a WordPress to Mailchimp landing page’. So here’s a short tutorial that shows you a nice simple way to do it.  To achieve this I’m using the following three plugins M

101 design customizations for WooThemes Storefront

Here’s 101 ways to customize the Woothemes Storefront theme. Storefront is the official theme for WooCommerce, so it’s a great theme to use if you want to build an online shop with WordPress. It’s now been downloaded over 650,000 times – so it’s very popular, and for good reason.

How to link from a photo to open a PDF

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to link from a photo to open a PDF. I get this question asked quite quite a bit, so I thought a little video tutorial was in order. I hope you find it useful.

18tags Pro sneak peek video – featuring the Pootle live editor

Here’s a sneak peek video of the upcoming pro version of our WordPress theme 18tags. 18tags pro features our upcoming Pootle live editor (working title). The Pootle live editor is a lean, front end, drag and drop editor that makes it easy to create beautiful looking WordPress pages in minutes.

How to set up WooCommerce Bookings for rental properties or hotel rooms

WooCommerce Bookings is a very powerful extension that adds the ability for online booking.  Now WooThemes have built a free add-on to Bookings designed to make it easier to sell rooms and apartments. The following videos show you how to set up WooCommerce Bookings and the Accomodation Bookings ext

Introducing 18 tags – our new free WordPress theme

18 tags is our first WordPress theme. It’s highly customizable and we’ve tried to make it very easy to use. Below are some videos that show you some of the key elements of 18 tags. I’ll be putting some more in-depth tutorial together over the coming weeks. You can download 18 tags for free here.  H

5 free 2.5D parallax video backgrounds

Video backgrounds can really bring your pages to life. Here’s 5 free 2.5D parallax video backgrounds that will work great on your website, especially if you are using the free pootle page builder plugin. These video backgrounds have been created from photos from unsplash.com. You are free to use the

Storefront Pro mobile store

Here’s a sneak peek at some new functionality coming to Storefront Pro very soon. Mobile store gives your customers a richer, better and faster shopping experience when using the WooThemes Storefront theme – so you’ll sell more! Here’s a little video that shows you the mobile store option in Storefr

WooThemes Storefront: How to add a hero video background

This short tutorial shows you how to add a video hero to WooThemes Storefront. This tutorials uses the following free plugins, Pootle page builder Shortcodes ultimate   How to add a background video hero section to WooThemes Storefront from pootlepress on Vimeo.

How to add icons to WooThemes Storefront menu items

Here’s a short video tutorial on how to add icons to WooThemes Storefront menu items. This tutorials uses our Storefront Pro plugin and the online font library from Font Awesome.   How to add icons to WooThemes Storefront menus from pootlepress on Vimeo.

WooThemes Storefront Mega Menus

With the release of our Storefront Pro plugin, creating Mega menus for WooThemes Storefront is now super easy. Here’s a short video that shows you how you can create WooThemes Storefront mega menus with one click, Mega menus Features Create mega menus with 1 click Add up to four columns in your mega

How to create a stunning photography website

Introduction This step by step video tutorial shows you how to create a beautiful full width photography website using the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. This tutorials uses the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes, and our Page Customizer plugin. How to do it How to create a photograpy or artists websit

Blog customizer for Pootle page builder [sneak peek video]

Having just released version 1 of Pootle page builder we thought we should follow it up with some useful page builder add-ons. Our first add-ons will be The one-pager for pootle page builder and Blog Customizer. These 2 pootle page builder add-ons will be released in the next two weeks. Here’s a vi

How to create a beautiful fullscreen website with WooThemes Storefront

Following on from my Elegant Themes Divi fullscreen website tutorial, here’s one for WooThemes Storefront. This tutorial uses the following plugins. Shortcodes Ultimate Pootle page builder Storefront align menu right Site origin CSS I’ve also used the free pootle page builder storefront child theme.

How to create a beautiful fullscreen Divi website with 5 simple tweaks

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to create a beautiful fullscreen website with the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. This tutorial uses the free css plugin from Site Origin that can be downloaded here . I’ve also included all the CSS that you will need to reproduce this on your own websites. The CSS ca

Sneaky peak – pootle page builder one pager

Here’s a sneak peak of some functionality we are going to release in an upcoming pootle page builder add-on. The idea behind this is to make it incredibly easy to build a stunning smooth scrolling one pager WordPress website.  We are aiming to have this available in September. We hope you like it.

Video tutorial – How to add a Wedding List to your WooCommerce store

Adding a wedding wishlist to your WordPress store is now super easy. Last week, whilst building a WooCommerce website on one of our WordPress Xpress days, I got asked to add a wedding list. Here’s a quick 3 minute tutorial that shows you how to add a wedding list to your WooCommerce store.  This tu

Video tutorial – How to add a video background to a WordPress page

Do you want to add a video background to your WordPress home page or to any other page on your website? If so, this short (it’s only 1 minute long!) tutorial shows you how you can add a really beautiful video background to any WordPress page. You will also learn how to put text over the top of the v

Video tutorial – How to add posts into any of your WordPress pages

The short video below shows you how to easily add posts into your WordPress pages. In the video tutorial below I’m using two free WordPress plugins to do this. 1) pootle page builder – click here to download pootle page builder  2) Shortcodes ultimate – click here to download shortcodes ultimate I

Menu Customizer for WooThemes Canvas gets even more mind-blowing

[box type=”tick”]Menu Customizer 2 beta release is now in customer accounts. It will be rolled out to customer sites for plugin update notifications in stages over the next few weeks. For more questions, please see our note on the support forum.[/box]   Great products evolve. It all started w

WooCommerce Customizer for WooThemes Canvas [Sneak preview video]

[box type=”tick”]Available now from the store[/box] One of the things we love about Canvas is that it is developed by WooThemes, who also develop WooCommerce, so you know their going to play nicely together. Having said this, there are a lot customizations we do with Canvas to make shops look unique

21 tips, tricks and CSS tweaks for WooThemes Storefront

These WooThemes Storefront tweaks have been curated from the most common questions we’ve found on the web. We really hope you find them useful. We’ll be adding to them over the coming months. We recommend that you use a child theme for these tweaks and we’ve created a free blank WooThemes Storefront

How to make a sticky footer in WooThemes Canvas in 10 minutes

Footer Widget Manager was one of the first Canvas Extensions we released and it’s been really popular. So it’s nice to be able to give it an update and add a feature that many of you have asked us about – sticky footers! Like all our Canvas Extensions, we want them to blend in Canvas as much as poss

Remove WordPress Customizer sections easily

Want to hide or remove WordPress Customizer sections? Us too. This great post by Tom McFarlin (profesional WordPress developer) got us thinking. We too have got super excited about the possibilities of the WordPress Customizer. Maybe a little too excited. We agree with Tom that there will very soon

How to build a website like Strava with WooThemes Canvas [Video]

If you cycle then you probably know the website Strava. It’s a really clean and beautifully designed website. I thought it would be fun to show you how easy it is to create a site like Strava just using the Canvas theme from WooThemes and a few PootlePress Canvas Extensions. In the following videos

WooThemes Storefront Tutorial and walkthrough

Storefront is the bright shiny new Theme from WooThemes aimed at WooCommerce users. It’s free and has already been downloaded almost 10,000 times in just 1 week so it’s going to be big. Here’s a WooThemes Storefront tutorial and video walkthrough we put together showing you how to get your site up

Replace the Add to cart button on the WooCommerce shop page

This was SOOO frustrating! I couldn’t find the documentation for this anywhere. I finally figured it out and so I wanted to share it with you. This is if you want to replace the Add to cart button on the WooCommerce product archive page (shop page) with a normal button that links to the single produ

10 Canvas Page Builder and Page Customizer tips and tricks (now 13)

We’ve been blown away by the incredible sites you have been building with Canvas Page Builder and Page Customizer. What’s been really exciting to see is the level of creativity that the combination of Canvas and these two plugins has unleashed. We’ve been getting some common questions over the