How to get full width sliders when using Meta slider and Pootle Page builder

meta slider and pootle page builder


Meta slider is a very popular free Slider plugin for WordPress, and here’s a simple tweak that will enable you to have full width sliders when used with our free Pootle Page Builder plugin.

Step 1 – Add the following css to your custom css

Add the following CSS to your child theme. If you are not using a child theme then use the site origin css plugin to add custom css.

Step 2 – Add the full width content class to the Pootle Page Builder row

meta slider full width class

Step 3 – Now you’ll have full width sliders

Make sure you’ve set the slider width and height, and you’ll have lovely full width sliders

full width sliders with meta slider



7 responses to “How to get full width sliders when using Meta slider and Pootle Page builder”

  1. Reuben Hochstetler Avatar
    Reuben Hochstetler

    Still not full width on WooThemes Storefront. Any help on this?

  2. Reuben Hochstetler Avatar
    Reuben Hochstetler

    My bad, I forgot to enable full width on the row settings. It all works! Thanks!

  3. Is there a possibility that the latest Pootle Page Builder Update broke this? I’m having this issue on a dev site

    1. Having the same issue! It was working until I updated today! Help please!

      1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
        Jamie Marsland


        We are working on a fix for this –


  4. I feel a bit stupid, but where should I put this code? I have storefront pro, and the pottle page builder installed

    1. I managed with the Custom CSS plugin. but I cannot control the slider… There are no buttons for the client to press forward or backwards.

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