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4 thoughts on “WooThemes Storefront: How to add a hero video background”

  1. Hi Jamie, shortcode ultimate is beautiful, but a little overkill in my eyes.
    The forget about shortcode plugin creates buttons in HTML, which would make it even cleaner.

  2. How did you get the sample page you’ve shown to have the simple top menu and nothing below the video? On my page the video I added remains within the boundaries of the row and I have a large, ugly Storefront menu and header at the top of the page and a a lot of content being displayed below which is not a part of the content I created in Pagebuilder.

    1. Jamie Marsland

      Hi Mark,

      Could you raise a support ticket here pootlepress.com/support-form ,

      When you submit the ticket could you add a link to your website 🙂


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