Go mobile-first with Mobile Menu Customizer 2 for WooThemes Canvas – video tutorial

In September 2014 mobile traffic to retail websites overtook desktop traffic for the first time ever, rising to 52 per cent of all traffic. Source.

We released Mobile Menu Manager last year because we know a lot of you are focussed on your mobile responsive sites. We’ve listened to some of the features you wanted and so version 2 (renamed Mobile Menu Customizer) gives you some great new options, including:

  • Ability to have a separate menu for your mobile menu
  • Ability to have a logo/image in your mobile navbar
  • Ability to have a logo/image in the mobile menu panel
  • Ability to have a clickable telephone number in the mobile menu panel
  • All the options are now in the WordPress customizer so you can take advantage of the live preview
[box type=”info”]Customers who have purchased Mobile Menu Manager already or who have the CXPro package get this update for free. If you don’t have it yet, check it out now on the store.[/box]

See the video tutorial below, and as always please let us know what you think in the comments!

1. Introduction & Mobile Nav Bar

2. Mobile Menu Panel

3. Other options


11 responses to “Go mobile-first with Mobile Menu Customizer 2 for WooThemes Canvas – video tutorial”

  1. Do I have control over what screen size I want to switch to mobile menu?

    1. Hey Greg… Not in Mobile Menu Customizer no. That would be some custom CSS. What screen size do you want to use for responsive then?

  2. Just what the doctor ordered …
    Really nice job !
    Whatever next ?

    1. Thanks Brian… Lots more to come!

  3. How do you handle shortcodes? I’ve used the Canvas column shortcodes ([threecol_two] etc) and they show as text in Mobile plugins and the Jetpack Mobile Theme. One plugin actually allows you to list the shortcodes it should ignore, but that feature did not work for me.
    What about [ilink] etc? Text? or does it work?

    1. Hey Terry, so what you are saying is the Woo Shortcodes are not compatible with some mobile plugins and Jetpack’s mobile theme. What other mobile plugins are you using?

      1. Right. They show as text surrounded by brackets and of course are ignored, i.e. the column shortcodes do not create columns in a Mobile version. I have tried the simple Jetpack Mobile Theme and WPtouch. WPtouch has a line item to ” Remove these shortcodes when WPtouch is active” but I haven’t found that it works for me — I entered shortcodes and NOTHING showed on the page. I should test it some more but your email promotion came that day so I thought I would check with you.

      2. Terry Thorson Avatar
        Terry Thorson

        Do you have a response re: compatibility of Woo Shortcodes in your mobile plugin?

  4. Hi, just buy this Extensions, there is a way to link the logo at the home?

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