Remove WordPress Customizer sections easily

Remove WordPress Customizer sections easily 2

Want to hide or remove WordPress Customizer sections? Us too.

This great post by Tom McFarlin (profesional WordPress developer) got us thinking. We too have got super excited about the possibilities of the WordPress Customizer. Maybe a little too excited. We agree with Tom that there will very soon be – if not already – too many customizer options making it harder for the average user to do what they want with their sites.

If you’ve started using the new Storefront theme from WooThemes, you’ll understand that there are lots of sections in the Customizer – especially as each new Storefront extension has new WordPress Customizer option sections. Many of these sections are not needed day-to-day and so we thought it would be good to develop a simple plugin that allows uers to show/hide the WordPress Customizer options sections.

So today we have launched our first (under the name PootlePress anyway) free plugin on the WordPress repository.

It’s called ‘Hide WP Customizer Options’ and well, it removes sections in WordPress Customizer… simple! ; )

All you have to do is install the plugin, go to Settings > Hide Customizer Options and select which option sections you want to hide in the Customizer. Then, if you want to use those options again in the future, just go back into the settings page and unselect the sections you don’t want hidden any more. No fuss, no coding.

Download it now for free from the WordPress repository. Here’s a quick video walk-through:

4 thoughts on “Remove WordPress Customizer sections easily”

  1. Looking forward to trying it out. I’m getting the warning that the plugin is not compatible with my version of WordPress. Seems like a glitch in the repository listing?

  2. I’ve just ran into the same error. Clean WP install, running 4.1, Canvas 5.9 and Framework 6.1.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home1/qcollege/public_html/dougansfarm/wp-content/plugins/hide-wp-customizer-options/classes/class-pp-customizer-customizer-settings.php on line 305

    It work on another site the other day and it’s really cool. Great work.


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