Menu Customizer for WooThemes Canvas gets even more mind-blowing [video walk-through]

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Create stunning menus like this one from Spotify


Great products evolve.

It all started with our Menu Pack for Canvas back in 2013. This was 5 beautiful menus in one extension. Then we had some fun with our menus inspired by Apple and WooThemes (Papple and Wootle). But we quickly found out that Canvas users wanted more customization on their menus.

Enter Menu Customizer. The whole vision behind Menu Customizer was to be able to create any menu you want in Canvas.

Sales and feedback have been strong. It’s one of top three best selling extensions. But two bits of feedback were clear:

1) there were so many options it was all a bit confusing.
2) how would Menu Customizer work with other extensions like Logo Inside Nav, Sticky Nav, Font Awesome Menus and Top Nav Manager.

So we wanted to take the next step. First of all, we have incorporate the features from Logo Inside Nav, Sticky Nav, Font Awesome Menus and Top Nav Manager. So now all our menu ideas for Canvas will be in this one product. These other plugins are no longer for sale (but will still be supported going forward).

Secondly, we’ve worked really hard to improve the way all the options fit and work together. Lots of user experience improvements (e.g. options appearing only if you need them) and code improvements (to make everything work really smoothly with live preview in the WordPress Customizer).

We’re really pleased with the results. Menu Customizer is a super-powerful extension for Canvas menus and we’ve already started thinking about cool stuff for version 3!

Have a look at this video walk-through:

[box type=”tick”]If you’ve already purchased Menu Customizer (or CX|PRO) in the last 12 months then you get this upgrade for free! If you haven’t got it yet, pick it up here.[/box]

12 thoughts on “Menu Customizer for WooThemes Canvas gets even more mind-blowing [video walk-through]

  1. Great post Nick! Enjoy the walk-through so much.. thanks!

  2. Looks awesome! Thanks for the all the updates and work you guys put in.

  3. Hi Nick,

    Does a plugin works only with a Canvas theme?


    1. Hi Igor, yes this only works with Canvas by WooThemes…

  4. Thanks John!

    (and thanks too Ray!)

  5. One quick question. Is there an export settings function somewhere?

  6. Hi John,

    Yes, there is a really simple export function built right into Menu Customizer v2.

    Select Canvas (from the left hand wordpress navigation) > Settings > Menu Customizer > Export menu

    Check this link for a screenshot:

  7. Great! Thanks a lot.

  8. Great job guys! Great improvements! I especially like the fact that you can remove the underline from the navigation links within the menu. It makes it look more professional. I’ve been using this on one of my sites and it works great. Turned a ho-hum Canvas menu into something much more pleasing to use and look at.

    1. Thanks very much for the feedback Shane :)

      I’d love to see the site you’ve used it on!


      1. Jamie, this is our Truck Equipment division’s site that I first used MC2 on.

  9. Nice one Shane. Love the drop shadow! : )

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