WooCommerce Customizer for WooThemes Canvas [Sneak preview video]

WooCommerce Customizer for WooThemes Canvas [Sneak preview video] 2

One of the things we love about Canvas is that it is developed by WooThemes, who also develop WooCommerce, so you know their going to play nicely together.

Having said this, there are a lot customizations we do with Canvas to make shops look unique for our customers. So we thought we’d develop an extension to help Canvas users customize their shops easily and make them look great.

It’s launching later this week, so for now here is a sneak preview. Let us know what you think in the comments!

21 thoughts on “WooCommerce Customizer for WooThemes Canvas [Sneak preview video]”

  1. Looks excellent, I wrestled with a lot of what this does with code.

    The thing I found really annoying about woocommerce is that you were unable to change how many columns are displayed per product category. Maybe you could build this in too? It would be so useful for shops selling different product formats that need to be shown at a different scale as per my woocommerce examples here which were achieved with code…


    Thanks Al

  2. As always, this looks great. My question is, will this integrate well with other WooCommerce settings plugins like WooCommerce Jetpack, or WooCommerce Customizer by Skyverge?

    1. Hi Shane, we haven’t tested this with plugins like WooCommerce Jetpack and WooCommerce Customizer. These are great free plugins that do similar things (although not specifically with Canvas). We’d love to have the resources to be able to test against all the WooCommerce plugins out there, but unfortunately we don’t. So this is where the support element of our products come in (we work really hard on reactive support), as well as the no quibble refund if there are conflicts we can’t resolve. Hope this makes sense! Nick

      1. No worries, Nick. You guys are great with your support. I have the CXPro Bundle, so I’m not worried about any refund. I’m administering 3 WooCommerce sites right now and will see how well this works. I love PootlePress.

  3. looks very promising. as always love your products,
    and this one comes right on time when I am about to customize a few sites using woocommerce.
    so waiting eagerly,

  4. Hi guys!

    My first purchase from you was the Woo Customizer and man is it simple to use. No need for two hour user tutorials which is almost unheard of. So far, so great! Just thought I’d share my opinion and to anyone on the fence….Get off the fence!

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