How to customize the WooCommerce Product Page with WordPress Gutenberg


Customizing your WooCommerce Product Page is made easy with the WooBuilder Blocks plugin and WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor.

The WooCommerce Product Page is probably the most important page in your WooCommerce store, but normally you have little control over the design.  This is because the WooCommerce Product Page template layout is set by Woocommerce.

The product page is the centerpiece of your users’ e-commerce experience. Yet at the same time, the product page layout and features tend to be under a lot of strain as they often rely on the same template re-used across the entire site’s product catalog.

Subsequently, all WooCommerce Product Pages tend to look exactly the same. But not all products are the same and many products deserve their own unique Product Page layout.

But with WooBuilder Blocks you’ll have 100% control over the WooCommerce Product Page

We’ve built all the WooCommerce Product Blocks that you need so can design the Product Page in any way you like, In a matter of minutes, you will be able to create awesome Product Pages.

WooBuilder Blocks review by Paul C from WPTUTS

Here are some examples of WooCommerce Product Pages that have been designed using WooBuilder Blocks and the WordPress Block Editor.

Video tutorials

In my video tutorial below I show you how to customize the product page in WooCommerce.

The tutorial shows how to enable the block editor and load Gutenberg, and how to use the blocks to customize the WooCommerce product layout, including adding a gallery, a two-column layout, a short description, a product title, star ratings, the price, and an “Add to Cart” button.

How to create a beautiful Product Page with WooBuilder Blocks

In this video I demonstrate how to create custom designs for a specific product page. I based it on Chris Lema’s article on designing effective product pages, emphasizing the significance of reviews, product images, and videos.

How to add Product Image compare to WooCommerce

The video is about a free plugin for WooCommerce called Image Comparison Block. I demonstrate how to use the plugin to create a side-by-side image comparison on a WooCommerce product page.

How to add a Request a quote and Call for Price buttons to the WooCommerce Product Page

The video describes two features that can be added to a WooCommerce product page: a “Request for Quote” button and a “Call for Price” button.

The Request for Quote button leads customers to a form where they can request a quote for a product instead of purchasing it directly on the site.

The form dynamically picks up the product name and sends the product information to the seller. The Call for Price button replaces the “Add to Cart” button and allows customers to make a call to the seller directly from their phone.

The Request for Quote form was built using the Ninja Forms plugin.

How to build a full-screen WooCommerce Product Page

In the video below is my tutorial on how to build a full-screen WooCommerce product page using the Gutenberg block editor and the Astra theme.

The tutorial walks through the steps of setting up the product information in WooCommerce, using the block editor to customize the product page, using the Columns block to create a two-column layout, and using the plugins to add background colors and other customizations to the product page.

The video covers how to use blocks such as the Product Title, Price, and Short Description to add product information to the page.

In my tutorial below I show you how to fully customize related products on a product page. I show how to change what products to show, hide certain related products, change the number of WooCommerce related products, change the title of related products, change the number of columns shown, change the product image sizes, add a related product carousel, and create a unique WooCommerce related product section.

How to Make your WooCommerce Product images POP!

In my video tutorial below I show you how to make product images stand out on a WooCommerce store. The first tip is to place the product image against a colored background, the second tip is to use a shaped background to make the product image stand out, and the third tip is to use the product image as the entire background of the page, making the product stand out even more.

How to create a One Page website for your WooCommerce Product Page

In my video tutorial below, I show you how to create a one pager website for WooCommerce.

Eight powerful new ways to improve the WooCommerce Product Page

My video tutorial below shows how to create a landing page using WooCommerce, highlighting a particular product with a gallery, parallax effect, and add-to-cart button.

How to create WooCommerce Product Page Templates

My video tutorial below explains how to create templates for single product pages in WooCommerce. The process involves creating a custom design and then saving it as a template. The template can then be applied to multiple products by categorizing them or adding tags. The video demonstrates how to save a template, find it in the product templates section, and apply it to a specific category. The changes made to the product layout will be reflected on all products within that category, making it easier to apply similar designs to multiple products.

Block Themes and WordPress Full Site Editing

In my video below I demonstrate how WooBuilder Blocks recently received a big update with new features. It allows users to use Gutenberg to design product pages and save them as templates. The update now fully supports Block Themes, which means the layout designed in the site editor will be applied to every single product on the site. The second big update is the ability to use WooBuilder blocks on any page, not just a single product page, by using blocks to design the pages and insert dynamic content.

57 thoughts on “How to customize the WooCommerce Product Page with WordPress Gutenberg”

  1. Hi, I’d love to use this on our site (looks amazing!) however, downloaded plugin and can’t find the “enable WooBuilder blocks” button while on product page…..

    1. Jamie Marsland

      Hi Julian

      Can i double check you have purchase this plugin .

      If you have, could you raise a support ticket here

      It sounds like you might have the new Gutenberg Editor disabled – check if you have the classic editor plugin installed, as this disables the new Gutenberg Editor.


  2. Hi, I want to show video only specific category on single product tab section . Which category have video the description tab section will show active. other category single product will show review tab active, Can any one help me

  3. Hi !! 3 questions for me :

    1/ Is your plugin compatible with any “one page checkout” plugin, (this one for example ?

    2/ You confirm that it works with variable products ? How does the images of each variation appear ?

    3/ I didn’t understand clearly if everything works only by buying this plugin, or do I have to buy another one to make it work (caxton blocks,…) ?

    Thank you !

    1. Jamie Marsland

      Hi Aude,

      Here’s a few answers

      1) This week we are working on our own ‘one page checkout’ functionality that works with the upcoming checkout block that’s going to be included in the next version of woocommerce blocks (from woocoommerce) as we feel this will give customers the maximum flexibility 🙂

      2) Yes woobuilder blocks works ‘out of the box’ with variable products. Here’s a demo It also works great with the WooCommerce attribute swatches plugin (by , here’s a demo of that one

      3) Yes you just need to buy woobuilder blocks. It does require our gutenberg framework plugin caxton but that is a free plugin 🙂 This is all handled during installation. We built caxton as a framework for all our gutenberg based plugins (so we don’t need to include some of the same core block functionality in each plugin).

      1. Hi Jamie,

        Thank you for your quick reply !!
        Ok so for the “one page ckeck out” would you advise me to wait for the new version you are about to release ?
        I would have to install the plugin woocommerce blocks + yours, right ?
        Do you know when they will release the new version of woocommerce blocks ?

        Thank you for the demo, perfect.
        Noted for caxton!


    1. Jamie Marsland

      Yes if you use a layout block like our Caxton Layout Block – that has mobile settings built in 🙂

      1. Hi ! Same question I guess but asked differently : is your plugin responsive ?
        Or do we have to do different settings for mobile and desktop ? Thank you !

  4. Hello how are you? I use Yootheme Pro as my website template. Can you tell me if your plugin is compatible with it? It was not very clear to me if I need to use any more plug-ins together with WooBuilder Blocks, if so can you indicate which one? Thank you.

    1. Jamie Marsland

      Hi Ricardo,

      I haven’t tested with Youtheme so I’m not 100% sure – but we have a trial so you can test it out risk free 🙂

      WooBuilder Blocks uses the WordPress Block Editor so doesn’t need any pagebuilder –

      It does require our free Caxton plugin (this is our gutenberg framework) , but that is all handled during the installation


    1. Jamie Marsland


      Yes that layout is possible 🙂

      Regarding the theme – I haven’t tested with that particular theme, but it should work fine. We have a trial option so you can try woobuilder blocks out for 14 days.

      kind regards,

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