The WordPress Twenty Twenty Four Theme – my review

In this video, I review the new 2024 WordPress theme, showing its capabilities by building various types of websites like business, portfolio, WooCommerce, one-page, and blog sites.

I built 5 themes from Twenty Twenty Four: πŸ‘‡

Download these FREE Themes πŸ‘‡

Click here to get free copies of each of the Themes i built

Built-in Features and Limitations:

I stick to using only the block and style variations available within the 2024 theme to showcase its out-of-the-box functionality. This includes experimenting with various block patterns and style options provided by the theme.

Customization and Design:

My video highlights how easy it is to customize and design websites using the theme’s block patterns and style variations. I demonstrate that you can create visually appealing websites without needing extra design skills or third-party blocks.

Specific Website Examples:

I provide detailed examples of how I used the 2024 theme to create different types of websites. I focus on features like smooth scrolling, theme styles, and layout adjustments, especially for WooCommerce and blog setups.

Conclusion and Recommendations:

I conclude that the 2024 theme is a versatile and multipurpose option that’s suitable for various website types. I highly recommend it and offer free downloadable versions of the designs I created during the demonstration.


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