Discover the Ultimate WordPress SEO AI Tool: Bulk generate Amazing Posts

The tool lets you bulk generate high quality WordPress posts. In this video I take it for a spin. It’s great if you want to super charge your content generation, or maybe built an affiliate website.

But use it wisely, with great power comes great responsibility πŸ˜‰

Video Summary – generated by AI

The SEO tool allows users to generate bulk, high-quality WordPress posts by uploading specific keywords. After uploading keywords, the tool can generate page titles, tags, and also decide on the tone, point of view, and even insert images automatically.

Users can set their articles to draft, schedule, or publish status directly to their WordPress site. The quality of the generated content is impressive, looking like fully finished articles that can either be published as is or used as a first draft to be edited. T

o utilize this tool, sign up on the SEO writing website, install their connector plugin on WordPress, and choose either their free or paid plan based on content needs.


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