Gutenberg versus Elementor – the beginners challenge

What happens when you give Gutenberg and Elementor to complete Beginners? In this challenge, Meg and Lily (two of my daughters) are tasked with re-creating a webpage. They’ve never used Elementor or Gutenberg before, and I only gave them 30 minutes each.

This is the page they were tasked with designing.

the design challenge

Meg uses Elementor and Lily uses Gutenberg.

To make things interesting I set a Β£20 prize for the best design.

To vote for your favourite design, visit the YouTube video and write either Meg or Lily in the comments to the YouTube video πŸ˜€

Lily and Megs finished pages

Lily’s page

Lily's finished page, built using the gutenberg block editor

Meg’s page

megs finished page, built using Elementor


12 responses to “Gutenberg versus Elementor – the beginners challenge”

  1. Go, Lily (aka Gutenberg)!
    Nice attempt, Meg.

  2. Sorry Meg, but I’d have to go with Lily. Congratulations to both, I’m just an amateur website manager and I find both Gutenburg and page builders far from intuitive – to achieve that ‘cold’ in 30 minutes is pretty good!

  3. Andrew Walsh Avatar
    Andrew Walsh

    Lily all the way sorry Meg

  4. Sorry Meg, but Lily all the way. This was a very interesting experiment. Thank you.

  5. Quite a demanding task so both of you great for not being phased by it.
    Looks like Lily was onto a less steep hill to climb with Gutenberg!

  6. Great job both of you, with no prior knowledge to get any result I think. But I vote for Lily

  7. Good effort by both girls, especially after only 30 minutes tuition. As the challenge was to see who could recreate the example then I feel that Lily was the clear winner. However, in fairness to Meg, is it possible that Gutenberg is more intuitive?
    Anyway good idea Jamie; a canny dad would give them a tenner each!

  8. Firstly well done to both the girls – they both stayed calm under pressure and did so well to build their page in 30 minutes! Secondly this was a really interesting and engaging video. I was glued!
    I would say that Lily’s page has won for me. Meg basically replayed a painful day I had spent trying to use Elementor to edit our website – before I joined your WordPress course and learnt to use Gutenberg:-D

  9. Going with Lily’s effort, but they each did remarkably well. Twenty quid to Meg also does not seem an unreasonable marketing expense Jamie! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the video tutorials on Gutenberg; they are the best I have found. Your explanation of the navigation block was especially appreciated. The nav’ block is possibly the most intimidating learning curve in the editor. Made sense in the end, but a challenge! People should stick with the FSE though, it is the way of the future for WP.

  10. Lily without a doubt.

  11. What a great experiment! I enjoyed every second of it.

    I must say Lily won this round but kudos to both of them for going with a strategic approach and doing their best in 30 mins. πŸ™‚

    Jamie, how about doing another video where Lily will use the Elementor Page Builder and Meg will use the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor to create a similar design? It can be an interesting follow-up to this video with their roles reversed.


    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Hi Yashwardhan, yes we are setting up a rematch πŸ™

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