Showcase your WooCommerce Product Images – WooBuilder Blocks gets a big update with WooCommerce Product Image Carousels and vertical product galleries

woobuilder blocks carousel block

We’ve recently released an update to WooBuilder Blocks that includes a brand new block called the Product Images Carousel Block.

WooBuilder Blocks makes it easy to customize the WooCommerce Product Page.

The Product Images Carousel Block makes it easy to showcase your WooCommerce Products in a beautiful Carousel.

It automatically grabs your main product image and your product gallery images to use in the carousel.

And because it’s a block and uses the new Gutenberg Editor you can place it anywhere within your WooCommerce Product Page.

Here’s an example.

woocommerce product block carousel

The Product images carousel block

You’ll find the new WooBuilder product images carousel block in the WooBuilder panel.

WooCommerce product carousel

Vertically aligned WooCommerce Product Galleries

We’ve also introduced some extra customization options for your WooCommerce Product Galleries.

Now you have 4 options to choose for your product galleries

  • Default
  • Hide
  • Left vertical align
  • Right vertical align

Here’s an example of the right vertically aligned product gallery.

verically aligned right woocommerce product galleries
verically aligned right woocommerce product galleries

How to set your product images to be vertically aligned

You can choose which option you would like in the right hand customizer panel.

Here’s a screenshot.

setting for vertical woocommerce galleries
settings for your WooCommerce Product Galleries

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