Introducing the Caxton Layout Block for Gutenberg

This week we released a big update to our free Gutenberg based plugin Caxton. Caxton is a collection of blocks including, a Layout Block, a Post Grid block, a Slider block, a Button block, a Social Icon block, and a Text Customizer block.

The Layout Block makes it easy to created advanced post and page layouts with the new WordPress Editor (Gutenberg)

Download Caxton for free

Here’s a little walkthrough video


6 responses to “Introducing the Caxton Layout Block for Gutenberg”

  1. Hello,

    What is your suggestion?

    I don’t want to use a “Page Builder” because after I write 1000 articles…. it will be very difficult to move to a new page builder without rebuilding all the old articles.

    So, that’s why I like Guttenberg.

    What is your plans? Is Caxton a replacement for your Page Builder Plugin? Supporting the new CORE page builder from wordpress?

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Hi Steve, well it’s very early days for Gutenberg and I would still use a full blown page builder like pagebuilder in certain situations e.g customizing individual WooCommerce Product page. However if i was writing posts, then i’d most likely use Caxton + Gutenberg right now 🙂 It’s really about using the right tools in the right situation. But Gutenberg is looking better and better imo.

  2. Hello I have been using your plugin which I love it, because it let us handle content in a better way, but I have 2 mayor questions and troubles with it:

    1. In the backend, when using the caxton layouts, and change the width options that are normal for gutenberg, the backend blocks get all distorted, they move to the left, so i loose control over them, unless i put them again to default width. Also sometimes they seem to make no effect even if I change them to full width or wide width or default. They should not change the “editor” view, because we get less control and its a mess for the edition of the website.

    2. the paralax option in devices doesn’t work! and this was also for the normal cover image that comes with gutenberg as it is for your “super hero” block. The image gets blur and it doesn’t show as it should…

    thanks anyway for the great job you are doing

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Hi Felix, we have a few issues with GB after version 3.9 (which we are fixing). For now if you still to Gutenberg version 3.9 things should work

  3. Hello, Caxton Layout is hidden on mobile view
    My Current Version : 1.20.0
    Is there a way to make it visible in mobile also, this worked on last version.

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Hi Jose,

      These are working for us and we have no other reports of this one – is it possible you have another plugin that is hiding things on mobile?


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