How to create a grid tiled layout with Gutenberg and WordPress version 5

How to create a masonry grid layout with Gutenberg

Here’s a little tutorial on how to create a grid layout with tiles (and text) using the new Gutenberg Editor and our Caxton plugin.

Time needed: 6 minutes.

How to create a grid layout with the new WordPress Block Editor

  1. Add the Caxton Layout Block

    Click + new block and select the Caxton Layout Block

  2. Select your grid layout

    Click on the layout your require

  3. Select the content area and add an image

    Upload an image or select an image from your image library

  4. Add a Spacer Block into the content area

    This will let you increase the size of the image. Just drag the spacer block to the correct size. You can also input the size in the right hand customizer

  5. Repeat and add images to all blocks

  6. Publish

Video tutorial

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