Storefront Pro version 5

WooCommerce Storefront Pro live search

Storefront Pro 5

WooCommerce Live Search comes to Storefront

Storefront Pro 5 is now out – it’s a major update and now includes blazing fast WooCommerce live search. 

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Storefront Pro

Customize the Storefront Theme

Here’s a full list of the changelog

  • New – Navigation style – Align right items right
  • New – Live search module
  • New – Instantaneous product search for nav search
  • New – Instantaneous product search for header search box
  • New – Instantaneous product search can be added below header as a widget
  • New – Modules can now have action buttons
  • Tweak – Hide hamburger toggle on mobile
  • Tweak – Added sales pop image
  • Tweak – Settings page now supports custom notices
  • Tweak – Removed product search from sweet mobile store (it’s included in fixed footer nav)
  • Tweak – Don’t dump header searchbox styles when nav style is not default
  • Tweak – Page customizer hide/show bg options based on bg type
  • Tweak – Product grid responsive behaviour improved
  • Fix – Page Customizer bg color not overriding default bg image
  • Fix – Image flipper not center aligned when image is smaller than parent
  • Fix – Primary nav animations working, Yay!
  • Fix – Difficult to select mobile number or email on mobile (no whitespace)
  • Fix – Product quick view not working for newly loaded infiniate scroll products

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