Create and reuse template blocks with Pagebuilder Pro

Create and reuse template blocks 
with Pootle Pagebuilder Pro

Pootle Pagebuilder Pro 5 gives you the ability to create, and reuse template blocks on any website.  Either create your own blocks, or use one of our pre-built templates.

How to get started with Pootle Cloud

  • Install the Pootle Cloud module – go to Dashboard / Pagebuilder / Modules. Install the Pootle Cloud module.

How to Login to Pootle Cloud using your Google Account

How to delete templates from Pootle Cloud

How to share templates with the Pootle Community

WooCommerce templates for Storefront

We’ve also designed some cool template blocks for the WooCommerce Storefront Theme


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  2. I’ve got to say a word about Pootlepress customer service and tech support. It’s unexcelled. Just a fringe benefit of products that are continually updated and expanded in exciting ways, that work as advertised, and are easy to implement and quickly become a natural part of your site-development flow.

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