Pootle Pagebuilder Pro 5 – what’s new

Pootle Pagebuilder Pro 5 – what’s new

pootle pagebuider 5

Pootle Pagebuilder 5 is a major release that includes 5 big improvements

  • Create and use your own template blocks on any website
  • Pre-designed template blocks – click here to take a peek
  • Theme & Plugin specific template packs (e.g WooCommerce Storefront)
  • More control over how your site looks on mobiles
  • Full width content rows

Pootle Cloud – save and re-use content blocks

Pootle Cloud lets you save and reuse templates blocks to any website. This will enable you to create libraries of your own templates and should make it much much easier and quicker to create beautiful looking pages and posts.  We’ve also bundled some pre-designed templates in for you -which you can use, edit and then save as your own 🙂

Better mobile handling

With the move to the Flexbox CSS framework, you can now have more control over how your content reacts when viewed on phones and tablets.

Full width content rows

Full width content rows give you the ability to have content that stretches across the entire width of you theme. This opens up some very exciting design possibilities. 

Changelog for version 5

To view the full changelog click here. 


  • New – Layouts more flexible and robust (use newer tech)
  • New – Mobile behaviour for rows and columns
  • New – Full width content option for rows
  • New – Frontend styles optimization
  • New – Design templates for rows (Pootle Cloud)
  • New – Content block image fields support free images from Unsplash
  • Tweak – All CSS minified for faster loading
  • Tweak – Front end CSS now compiled from SASS
  • Tweak – Freemius SDK updated to v1.
  • Fix – Page customizer not working on some servers
  • Dev – Live editor JS prevu.addRow() new parameters callback, blockData, rowStyle, cellWidths
  • Dev – Live editor JS notification function ppbNotify( 'Message' )
  • Dev – Modules support property only_new_row and only_existing_row, by default can be applied to both
  • Dev – Modules activeClass property renamed to active_class
  • Dev – Layouts now done with CSS3 FLEXBOX


5 responses to “Pootle Pagebuilder Pro 5 – what’s new”

  1. Those are great Updates. You´ve chosen to work on the stuff that really matters!

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Thanks Brendon, I’m really proud of this release 🙂

  2. This is absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for the continued development! Mobile handling is a game changer. Exciting stuff.

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Thanks Lee 😉

  3. Could there be anything better for people for whom web is bread and butter.. thank you so much

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