Blazing fast Live Search for WooCommerce Storefront Pro

Blazing fast Live Search for WooCommerce Storefront Pro 2

Blazing fast Live Search
for WooCommerce 
Storefront Pro

Search is incredibly important for Ecommerce websites, and the quicker the better.  So in the next release of Storefront Pro you’ll have a new option to turn on Live Search. Live Search is blazing fast and will deliver a much better search experience for your prospective customers and more sales for you.

Either watch the video below or click here to experience the blazing fast live search in action. On the demo website try searching for either Ninja, Hoodie or Woo.

We’re just squashing final bugs and will be releasing Storefront Pro Live Search in the next few weeks :)

4 thoughts on “Blazing fast Live Search for WooCommerce Storefront Pro”

  1. Wow! I’m really looking forward to this! This is a much better deal than the WooCommerce Product Search plugin. Thanks for making this possible in Storefront Pro!

    1. Hi Luke,
      Yeah, It does create it’s own index, so products can be searched quickly. As users type, it will match the search term in product title to show the results live.

      As of now, it works with as much as 999 published products.

      Hope that helps, let us know ;)

      1. Dear Shramee,

        Is there an option to extend the live search to include all products? We are having a webshop with 20K+ products so having only the first 999 products within the search results is not sufficient for us.



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