10 ways to build a better shop with Storefront Pro 3.5

Storefront Pro is our plugin that let's you customize the free WooCommerce Storefront Theme. Version 3.5 of Storefront Pro introduces lots of great new functionality that will take your online shop to the next level.

Storefront Pro is now used by over 3000 online shops around the world - here's 10 very short videos that show you the highlights that come with version 3.5.

Storefront Pro starts at $49 and you can pick up a copy here

Customize the shop page

We've added 2 brand new shop layouts in Storefront Pro 3.5. The list layout and a new lovely grid layout. 

Customize product layouts

Easily turn your Storefront product image into a product slider and more new options, including the ability to have horizontal product tabs with Storefront and also horizontal accordion tabs. 

Storefront Product quick view

Give your customers a quicker way to view more information about your products. 

Customize individual Storefront products

Now you can have different layouts for different products to really make your products stand out. 

New tiles layout for Storefront posts

Create a more visual blog or news page with Storefront by using the new tiles layout option for posts. 

Hide header until the user scolls

Simple and elegant - hide the header until the user scrolls to create a more visual experience with Storefront. 

Add icons to your Storefront menus

Add any font awesome icon to your menus - also change the size and the color. 

Storefront skins

Now you can import and export all your Storefront Pro settings - so migrating or reusing designs is a breeze. 

Full screen Storefront layout with tighter pagebuilder integration

Closer integration with Pootle Pagebuilder means you can create stunning full screen websites in a few clicks. 

Full screen Storefront hamburger

Add some spice to your hamburger menu with this new full screen hamburger option.

And finally...here's a complete list of all the updates that come with Storefront Pro 3.5

  • New - Hide header until scroll for sticky header
  • New - Menu item Icon picker
  • New - Menu item Hide label option
  • New - Full width hamburger menu
  • New - Menu icon size
  • New - Menu icon color
  • New - Submenu text size
  • New - Submenu icon size
  • New - Submenu icon color
  • New - Mobile menu - Remove page icons
  • New - Per page option to get header come over content
  • New - single post page featured image fixed parallax
  • New - Footer background image
  • New - Footer gradient
  • New - WooCommerce shop - List layout
  • New - WooCommerce shop - Tiles layout
  • New - Quick product view
  • New - WooCommerce product page - Product images slider layout
  • New - WooCommerce product page - Horizontal tabs
  • New - WooCommerce product page - Accordion tabs
  • New - WooCommerce product page - Sale badge text, bg and border color
  • New - WooCommerce product page - Sale badge alignment
  • New - WooCommerce product page - Share icons color
  • New - WooCommerce product page - Share icons remove labels
  • New - WooCommerce custom product styling

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  1. Jamie, Bravo! Excellent new features.

    1. Thanks Ron :)

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