Provides you the full control over each slider create columns, add buttons, background images, backgrounds videos and lot more!

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Poole slider allows full control over slides, powered by Pootle Pagebuilder it converts page builder rows to slides, offering advanced control over each slide!

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Pootle Slider is our free slider plugin that uses the Pootle Pagebuilder engine for layout and design

I'm thrilled to introduce our new free slider plugin that makes it easy to create beautiful looking full screen sliders in minutes. Here's a short video tutorial that shows you how easy it is to create lovely looking sliders like the one above.

Watch this short video tutorial to see how to create sliders with Pootle Slider in just a few minutes

Pootle Slider from pootlepress on Vimeo.

How to activate Pootle Slider

Pootle Slider now comes as a module of Pootle Pagebuilder, so if you are using Pootle Pagebuilder already just go to your WordPress website dashboard / Pootle PageBuilder / Modules and install and activate it. 

Here's a screenshot

pootle slider module

37 thoughts on “Introducing Pootle Slider

  1. Is there a setting for how tall the slider is? The default is very tall.

    1. At the moment this is set by defining proportions when you insert the slider into a page

      1. Does that mean there is only one height setting, I want a slider 300px high. Does this mean I will have to do it the old way???

  2. Jamie, this is awesome. Thank you.

    1. Thanks George,


  3. Does this slider only work with pagebuilder?

    1. Hi Matt,

      Yes that’s right


  4. Hi,
    I downloaded the pootle slider plugin above (page builder was already installed)
    Doesn’t seem to work so well with 18tags theme? Created a slide added headline & text as well as button. After publishing the slide/page the headline and text disappeared. Tried it again and the text turned from dark grey to white without me doing anything.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      I’ve tested thoroughly with 18tags so there must be something else going on here, and we’ve had no other reports of this.

      Could you raise a support ticket so we can take a look?


      1. Hi Jamie,
        Sorry for the late reply!
        I found the problem – I had a previous version of page buillder installed and then downloaded & installed the slider plugin. This somehow caused the issue. I deleted both plugins then uploaded the latest version of page builder (that i had) and the issue disappeared.

        1. Good news :)

          1. I’m having this issue too. Also using 18 tags. Started with an older version of page builder like Stephen but when I deleted and re-installed the issue persists. I’ll submit a support ticket.

          2. Hi Rachel,

            I didn’t see a support ticket come through, did you submit one?


  5. Hi Jamie,
    awesome free slider plugin, thank you for providing it. Fantastic alternative to Meta slider (for me)

    Would be awesome to have the font responsive too. I tried wrapping the font code in a div to style using the edit content block, but the html added this way does not save. Maybe a feature to add a custom class just as you do to a row.

    Just a thought, not a biggie though :)


    1. Hi Miles,

      Thanks for the feedback :)

      Yes we are investigating adding fluid text in a future release https://css-tricks.com/fluid-type-stuff/

      This would be very cool, so im very keen to do it


  6. Does the slider always have to be full width?
    Is there a width setting?

    1. Hi,

      You can have it not full width :)


        1. Hi Kim

          When you insert the slider , in the options panel on the left, just untick ‘full width’ :)

  7. When i make a slider it looks good on a laptop but on a notepad or phone its just a mess. Is there a way to work around this?

  8. Is it correct the slider isn’t mobile responsive? It looks beautiful on desktop, but I am not able to find how to get it looking just as great on mobile devices.

    1. Hi Martine,

      Yes it is mobile friendly :)

      You have 2 options with the current version

      1) leave as default and the text will fit for a phone
      2) click on the little pencil icon in the content block / then style / then select ‘keep custom padding on mobile’


      1. Having the same problem – beautiful on the desktop but when I look at the site on the phone the slider don’t look good at all. The images don’t cover the space properly and the text is either cut off or doesn’t appear at all. Beautiful to build with though, would love the know solution to this problem as well. thanks

  9. Thanks for you prompt reply. It is not the text I am having the problem with. The photo’s are not resizing on mobile. How can I tackle that?

    1. Hi Martine,

      The photos are set to cover on mobile by default – this is so the text keeps within the photo,

      Could you try changing the background setting in row settings,


      1. I really don’t understand what I am doing wrong. Is there a possibility you can take a closer look?

  10. Can I edit a slider after it is published? And if so how? I need to adjust the height. Thanks.

    1. HI Angie,

      Yes you can edit the slider – go to dashboard / pagebuilder / pootle sliders

      Then click live edit on the slider you want to edit

      You can adjust the height using the height slider (top right)


  11. Couple of thoughts. While I am happy with the Storefront Pro coupled with page builder. I have not had any luck with the Pootle slider. I have designed and edited multiple sliders and they look great in the editor, but do not translate to the pages well. (I’m using storefront theme obviously.) I haven’t been quite satisfied with how they condense down on mobile from the start, but after going back in and editing a page a couple of times from the front end (which I expect do to often on my home page), the slider becomes distorted and doesn’t load correctly on the page. I know it isn’t just me as I have tested on multiple IP address and incognito mode in chrome with the same issue. It actually caused an error which prohibited me from being able to edit my home page at all. I have since rebuilt a new home page to get around the problem, but it looks like I will using meta slider until an update comes out for this that fixes whatever my issue is.

  12. I have installed the pootle slider and I have pootle page builder (free) and when I try to make a slider it all goes grey.
    After I select new slider and drag the module in place it stops working. Nothing happens. I have to close the page to get out. I can see it creates an untitled slide, but I can´t do anything with it… Please, I really would like it to work.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Pia,

      99.9% of the time this will be caused by another plugin conflicting – to fix, de-activate other plugins one at a time to find the problem plugin.


      1. Hi Jamie!
        Thanx for fast answer.
        I did that and even changed the theme. None of it worked. And it´s not only that. I have trouble with all live editing in poodle page builder too. It works fine “behind the scene” but in front end almost never. I also tried to change web browser from safari to chrome. No change. It can´t be because I´m using Mac, can it?

        1. ok, could you raise a support ticket here pootlepress.com/support-form with login details :)

          i’ll take a look for you,


  13. Hi Jamie,

    I have a question about the slider.
    I have a row with two collums 50% – 50%.
    When I add the slider to the right collum it stil goes over de left column.
    I want the slider just in the right collum.

    1. Hi Max,

      Are you doing this when creating sliders , or when putting sliders into a page?


  14. Hi Jamie,
    why I can’t drag and drop my new slider when I create a new live page?
    If I create a new live post it works, but not on a live page.
    Please help me!

    1. Hi Mario,

      Could you raise a support ticket and we’ll help you out :)


      many thanks

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