5 pro design ideas for your WordPress pages

5 pro design ideas for your WordPress pages 2

pro design ideas for your WordPress pages

Pootle Pagebuilder was recently ranked in the top 3 page builders by WordPress guru Pippin Williamson.

And version 3.5 of Pootle Pagebuilder is our biggest update yet. Here’s 5 simple tips that will help you create amazing looking pages.

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Pixel perfect design

For me, this is the most exciting upgrade in the Pootle Pagebuilder 3.5.
Now you can move text around anywhere inside your rows.  Once you use this feature you won’t want to do it any other way. 

New exciting row effects and animation

We’ve introduced 3 new row effects including parallax, fixed parallax and ken burns. In addition you can now add subtle animations to your rows.

Row animations


Icons that you can customize

We’ve integrated with Font Awesome to bring you over 100 customizable icons. Simple drag them into your pages, change the color, and change the size.


Gradients are lovely and can really make your pages pop.
In Pootle Pagebuilder 3.5 we’ve introduced a gradient designer and also 10 pre-built gradients for you to choose from

A most elegant accordian

If you click on the read more link in this row you’ll see the
pootle accordian in action.

How to set up an accordian

8 thoughts on “5 pro design ideas for your WordPress pages”

  1. There are times when ground breaking development happens which makes my life as a web developer much much easier – to make stunning sites. The value goes way up, the time to create goes way down and the cost and perceived value of the site to charge my clients goes up. Voila!

    Great job Jamie!!

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