WooCommerce Gutenberg Block Editor Plugins

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WooBuilder Blocks

Customize the WooCommerce Product Page with the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Storefront Blocks

Customize the WooCommerce Shop and Category Pages using Gutenberg

Storefront Pro

Customize the WooCommerce Storefront Theme

NEW!! Block Injector

Display Gutenberg Blocks anywhere

WooHoo Bar

Super powerful Countdown Timer

Gutenberg Pro

Extra options for Gutenberg


“If I had to point you to only one repository of Gutenberg blocks for your WooCommerce Product Page, it would have to be WooBuilder Blocks. These blocks let you design the product page from scratch, or use one of your own templates, or choose from one of theirs.“

Chris Lema

WooCommerce Gutenberg Block Editor Plugins 1

Worth every penny and is by far, the very best WooCommerce product styling tool i have ever seen”


“So liberating to finally be able to make real websites instead of having to plow through hundreds of thousands of themes not designed as you wish. The support is also great, fast and committed to make sure that we understand how to use this tool.”
Simon Björndahl


“I liked Pootlepress’s storefront pro plugin so much i bought their Ecommerce Bundle.”
Patrick Duggan


“I’ve been waiting for something like this for ages. I’ve spent hours trying to do what this does in no time at all. I’ve used the other plugins from Pootlepress and been very happy and this one is no different. Well worth every penny and I would definitely recommend without question.
Stuart Morley


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