Is WordPress losing the YouTube battle to Wix, Canva, Squarespace and Webflow

I was looking at the official and YouTube channels today, and decided to spin out a quick blog post to show how they compare to the official channels of  Wix, Canva, Webflow and Squarespace. 

It doesn’t make pretty reading  πŸ‘‡

YouTube ChannelSubscribersMonthly ViewsSubscriber monthly increase
Squarespace97.1k6,840, 132300
wordpress versus wix, canva, webflow, squarespace


2 responses to “Is WordPress losing the YouTube battle to Wix, Canva, Squarespace and Webflow”

  1. Your premise is super valid, but the ubiquity (and beauty) of WordPress is that it’s less about the official channels, and more about the sum total of channels putting out tutorials, how-tos, promotion of their plugins/themes, etc. The strength is in the community, when it’s an open platform where anyone can share their expertise.

    While I’d prefer that the official WP channels put out more useful content for me, from my experience at WCUS contributor day, I know this something the community is focused on. That said, I’ve never felt there was a paucity of useful WordPress content on YouTube.

    You yourself are obviously case-in-point for this.

  2. Jamie Marsland Avatar
    Jamie Marsland

    Great point Rob

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