How Michael the Waffleman is using Ai for SEO

How Michael the Waffleman is using Ai for SEO 1
How Michael the Waffleman is using Ai for SEO 2

Today, I received a heartwarming message from one of my YouTube subscribers:

“Hey Jamie, just a little positive feedback for you. The last couple of months I’ve been learning about blogging using AI for my SEO on my Food Truck business and been getting good results. I watched your video on the SEO writing tool and have been blown away. I’ve 50 draft blogs ready to go 🀣. Thanks so much for sharing. One of my blogs hit page 1 on Google within 6 days.”

This message perfectly encapsulates the transformative potential of AI in the realm of blogging and SEO. Let’s dive deep into how you too can leverage AI to create top-ranking blog posts for your business.

1. The Changing Landscape of Blogging

With the digital age, the nature of blogging has evolved rapidly. The days of simply pouring out your thoughts and hoping for organic traffic are long gone. Today, the blogging arena is intensely competitive, and to stand out, you need a strategic approach, especially when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Enter AI: The New Blogging Assistant

One might wonder, how can AI help with blogging? Isn’t writing a profoundly human activity? Indeed, it is. However, AI is not here to replace human creativity but to augment it. Here’s how:

  • Keyword Optimization: AI can analyze vast datasets to suggest keywords that are trending and relevant to your business. For our food truck entrepreneur, this could be “Best Vegan Tacos in [City]” or “Quick Lunch Options Near Me.”
  • Content Structure: Based on the latest SEO trends, AI can suggest an optimal structure for your blog post, ensuring that readers stay engaged and search engines recognize its value.
  • Draft Creation: While the final touch should always be human, AI can help generate draft versions of your blog post, ensuring that you’re always equipped with fresh content ideas, just like our reader with their 50 drafts!
  • SEO Analysis: Before publishing, AI can scan your post to ensure it’s optimized for search engines. It can suggest tweaks in meta descriptions, title tags, and more.

3. Quick Results

Michael’s testimony stands as proof of the efficiency of AI-assisted blogging. A blog hitting page 1 on Google within 6 days is a noteworthy achievement. With the right tools and a strategic approach, even a niche business like a food truck can gain significant digital visibility.

4. The Human Touch Remains Essential

It is important to acknowledge that while AI is a potent tool, the human element in content creation is indispensable. Your distinctive voice, experiences, and insights are what genuinely resonate with readers. AI serves to aid, optimize, and enrich your content.


The integration of AI into the blogging process is undeniably revolutionizing the way businesses approach SEO. It’s exciting to see small businesses, like the food truck mentioned, harness the power of AI to amplify their digital presence. As AI tools become even more sophisticated, it will be thrilling to see where this synergy of human creativity and machine precision will lead us in the future.

Want to start your AI-blogging journey? Check out the video tutorial mentioned by Michael πŸ‘‡


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