WordPress 6.3 explained in 240 seconds ๐Ÿ”ฅ

In this video, I explore the exciting features of WordPress 6.3, set to release on August 7, 2023. Get ready for a quick rundown of what’s coming in just over 240 seconds.

Here’s what i cover:

  • Block Patterns: Create and reuse your own block patterns across your website, providing greater design flexibility.
  • The “Details” Block: Discover the new simple accordion block, allowing you to hide and reveal content effortlessly, making your website more interactive.
  • Improved Margin and Padding Settings: Experience enhanced visual feedback and customization options with a new slider interface, achieving precise spacing for your elements.
  • Footnotes Block: For scholars and researchers, the brand new footnotes block simplifies the process of adding and linking footnotes within your text for easy citation and referencing.
  • Enhanced Site Editor: Navigate and manage your site more efficiently with streamlined access to menus, styles, and pages, optimizing your editing workflow.
  • Aspect Ratios for Image Blocks: Lock down proportions and ensure consistent visuals by utilizing aspect ratios for image blocks.
  • Sticky Positioning for Blocks: Create captivating sticky columns and enjoy new possibilities for engaging designs.
  • Style Revisions: Easily manage and revert to previous style settings with the new style revisions feature, enhancing your design workflow.

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  1. I have a question based on the last of posting you did. I went into look at the navigation, and I don’t have a block, editor and my editor that I’m using for my menus isn’t working, but because of them I can’t use the block editor full site thing yet And what I tried to use navigation wise didn’t make any sense for actually hooking up to what I have is menus. Is there a way of making a menu that is up posted in the header throughout the site without using the classic menus? Otherwise, I just have to put a menu at the top of the pages and hope people notice . Thanks, Debbie.

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