Exploring the Power of WordPress Block Themes: 10 Amazing Features


WordPress block themes offer users unparalleled control and customization options. While these themes provide an exciting range of features for creating visually stunning and highly functional websites, it’s important to note that they may have a steeper learning curve compared to WordPress Classic themes.

However, the learning curve is well worth the effort as block themes empower users to bring their creative visions to life with ease once they overcome this initial hurdle. In this article and video, I’ll look at ten amazing features of WordPress block themes.

Here’s what I’ll show you 👇

  • How to get 100% Control over your Post and Page Layouts
  • How Block Styles make design easier
  • How Block Patterns can make your designs better
  • How to use Page Templates for individual page designs
  • How to use the new WordPress Style Book
  • How to create stunning Landing Pages
  • How to design layouts for Custom Post Types
  • A look at the Simplified Theme Architecture of Block Themes
  • Why Block Themes are lightweight and fast
  • How CSS Grid is coming to WordPress 6.3

Complete Control over Post and Page Layouts

WordPress block themes provide users with unparalleled control over post and page layouts. Through the site editor, you can customize templates and add blocks to design your content exactly as you envision it.

Built-in Block Styles for Easy Customization

WordPress Block themes simplify customization by incorporating built-in block styles directly into the theme. With a single click, you can modify background images, truncate excerpts, and apply different styles to various blocks, all without the need for additional plugins or custom CSS.

Boost Efficiency with Block Patterns

Block patterns are pre-designed collections of blocks that speed up your workflow. These patterns, available in block themes like Ollie, utilize core Gutenberg blocks, allowing you to create stunning pages quickly and easily while maintaining the flexibility to customize them further.

Page Templates for Streamlined Design

WordPress Block themes now offer page templates, allowing you to switch layouts for individual pages. This feature empowers you to establish a unique visual identity for each page by removing unnecessary elements or modifying the design to create captivating hero sections or landing pages.

The Style Book: Streamlined Block Styling

Block themes introduce the Style Book, a real-time preview and styling feature. The Style Book enables you to fine-tune the appearance of blocks by modifying typography, adding borders to images, and previewing changes instantly.

Effortless Landing Page Creation

Creating landing pages becomes a breeze with block themes. By creating a custom template, you can remove headers, footers, and other unnecessary elements, focusing solely on your landing page content. This streamlined approach helps you create captivating, full-screen landing pages that entice visitors.

Support for Custom Post Types

Block themes seamlessly integrate with custom post types. The site editor allows you to design layouts specifically tailored to showcase your custom content, whether it’s portfolios, projects, or collections of movies. This feature ensures your custom post types are presented with precision and style.

Simplified Theme Architecture

Block themes offer a simplified architecture compared to classic themes. They leverage the power of core WordPress features, making them lighter, easier to build, maintain, and update. This streamlined approach results in a more efficient and optimized user experience, often leading to faster website performance.

Future-Proofing with CSS Grid

WordPress block themes embrace the future of web design by incorporating CSS Grid. This advanced layout system provides developers with enhanced control over grid-based designs, resulting in stunning and responsive layouts. Block themes are well-equipped to adapt to evolving web design standards and ensure compatibility with future developments.


WordPress block themes have revolutionized website design by providing users with an array of powerful features. From complete control over layouts to effortless customization through block styles, patterns, and templates, block themes empower users to create visually stunning websites with ease.

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