Everyone Should Be Using This FREE WordPress Plugin: Unlocking the Power of Gutenberg Block Patterns

Today, I want to share something incredibly exciting and useful that I recently discovered while working on my online WordPress free theme generator.

I stumbled upon a small yet significant feature within a WordPress plugin that takes block patterns to a whole new level. And the best part? It’s completely FREE! Let’s dive right in and explore the possibilities of this amazing plugin.

Introducing the Pattern Manager Plugin

As I was building my theme generator, I came across a WordPress plugin called Pattern Manager by WP Engine. This plugin not only impressed me with its functionality but also proved to be an essential tool for anyone working with WordPress Gutenberg block patterns. With Pattern Manager, you can easily create and display patterns, offering a curated editing experience on your website.

Creating and Categorizing Block Patterns

The Pattern Manager plugin provides a user-friendly interface for managing block patterns. By navigating to the “Patterns” option in your WordPress dashboard, you gain access to all the existing block patterns on your site. Moreover, you can create your own patterns by simply clicking on the “Create Pattern” button.

One of the standout features of Pattern Manager is its ability to categorize patterns. You can assign specific categories to your patterns, allowing for better organization and easier accessibility. This feature becomes particularly useful when you have multiple authors or editors working on your website.

Tailoring Patterns to Specific Post Types

What truly sets the Pattern Manager plugin apart is its capability to associate patterns with specific post types. Whether you’re creating pages, posts, or even custom post types, Pattern Manager lets you define which patterns are available for each type. This functionality opens up a world of possibilities, especially in multi-author environments where you want to provide a curated editing experience.

Imagine having a library of pre-designed patterns accessible to your authors or editors, ensuring a consistent look and feel across your website. The plugin’s modal visibility feature takes it a step further by automatically displaying designated patterns when creating new posts or pages. 

Seamless Integration with Block Themes

If you’re using block themes or planning to create one, Pattern Manager seamlessly integrates with them. You can export your patterns along with your theme, ensuring that the functionality remains intact even if the plugin is not installed. This opens up new avenues for designing block themes with enhanced control over block patterns.

Unlock the Power of Gutenberg Block Patterns

The Pattern Manager plugin truly revolutionizes the way we work with block patterns in WordPress Gutenberg. Its advanced functionality, combined with its user-friendly interface, empowers you to create, categorize, and display patterns with ease. Say goodbye to the limitations of standard block patterns within the core software!


If you’re a WordPress user or developer looking to harness the full potential of Gutenberg block patterns, I highly recommend giving the Pattern Manager plugin a try. Its ability to categorize patterns, tailor them to specific post types, and seamlessly integrate with block themes makes it an invaluable tool in your WordPress toolkit.

To get started, you can download the Pattern Manager plugin for FREE from WordPress.org. And don’t forget to check out my free online block theme generator, which complements the plugin perfectly. 

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