WordPress Block Themes are FASTER! New GRID Block, 2 new Ai Writers

In this week’s Block news, there are exciting updates in the world of WordPress.

The latest version of the Gutenberg plugin has a brand new experimental grid feature, and there is a proposal for an interactive API. Additionally, benchmark tests by the WordPress performance team show that block themes in WordPress 6.2 are faster than classic themes. Two new AI assistant writers have been added to Gutenberg to help users write content. Finally, the Block Visibility plugin has been made free.

New Experimental Grid Feature in Gutenberg

The latest version of the Gutenberg plugin has an experimental grid feature that allows users to add grids to their sites using the grid block. It is a variation of the group block, and users can access it by installing the Gutenberg plugin and going to settings and experiments. While it is not yet clear whether this feature will become part of the core, it is an interesting experiment that users can play around with.

Proposal for Interactive API

Mario Santos has proposed an interactive API that would allow blocks to easily add interactivity to them. This API would enable users to navigate to the next page of movie results without doing a full page reload. Additionally, it would allow users to add a like button that synchronizes with another block in the header, play a movie trailer, search for a movie, and update search results automatically without a full page reload. This proposal highlights the possibilities of using the interactive API and how it could be integrated into the block editor.

Block Themes are Faster than Classic Themes

The WordPress performance team has benchmarked the speed of WordPress 6.2, specifically block themes and classic themes. The results show that block themes are faster than classic themes, with a 25% increase in speed. This is a good indication that WordPress is becoming faster internally, and using native WordPress as much as possible is the best way to go.

Two New AI Assistant Writers in Gutenberg

WordPress already has AI writers, such as the ai engine and Bertha AI. However, two new AI assistant writers have been added to Gutenberg to help users write content. These writers integrate the AI experience directly into the block editor, making it easy and seamless for users to access.

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