Astra’s NEW WordPress Block Theme is Amazing

Brainstorm Force, the makers of Astra, the World’s most popular WordPress Theme have released a brand new WordPress Block Theme called Spectra One. In this video I take the Spectra One Theme for a spin.

In their newest venture, Astra has introduced a brand new block theme called Spectra One. If you’re not familiar with block themes, they allow for more streamlined editing of templates and global style changes, making it easier than ever to design and customize your website.

But what sets Spectra One apart from other block themes on the market is the additional features it offers, like a sticky header and responsive settings per block. These extra features make designing your website even more convenient and user-friendly.

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In a bold move, Astra decided not to change their existing theme into a block theme, but instead to create a new one from scratch. This decision was risky, but it could potentially drive the adoption of block themes in general.

And with Astra’s marketing power behind them, there’s no doubt that Spectra One will be a success. With over 635,000 subscribers to their newsletter and a million downloads, Astra is well-positioned to make Spectra One the go-to block theme for WordPress users.

If you want to take the Spectra One theme for a spin, click here to launch a test website with Spectra One pre-installed.

5 thoughts on “Astra’s NEW WordPress Block Theme is Amazing”

  1. When I try to use this theme, there’s no “Navigation” or “Styles” on the customize wizard. The version is 0.0.5, is that the latest or am I doing something wrong?

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