Introduction to Gutenberg, the WordPress Block Editor (Webinar Recording)

Here’s a video recording of my recent webinar series that I ran on the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg)

This is what I cover.

  • Why WordPress built Gutenberg
  • Gutenberg demonstration 
  • Gutenberg best features
  • What are Blocks
  • Plugins and Gutenberg
  • Why you should start using Gutenberg sooner rather than later
  • An introduction to complex page design with Gutenberg

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10 thoughts on “Introduction to Gutenberg, the WordPress Block Editor (Webinar Recording)”

  1. I am actually so excited and ready to move ahead with my website after all that I learned from this Webinar. Thank you so much. I loved how you taught in such an orderly fashion. I took several pages of notes that will be very useful to me. Fear no more Gutenburg Blocks!

      1. Hi Jamie,
        Can you help me with a quote block that has too much room left at the bottom? How do I remove it?
        Claire Goodwin

  2. Thanks Jamie. A seasoned user of WordPress who has largely overlooked Gutenberg in favour of themes and plugins, it’s good to get to know Gutenberg properly. I shall watch your next videos and I shall be incorporating Gutenberg more in future – and looking closer at what Pootlepress has to offer.

  3. Greetings!
    I love Gutenburg and your presentation will make it much easier to use. There are some new techniques that I learn that has opened a new and exciting opportunity in Woo-commerce. Is it possible for me to embed your 3 Gutenberg webinars on my website?

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