WooCommerce A / B Split Testing for Products

This tutorial shows you how to set up A / B Split Testing for WooCommerce Product pages in just a few minutes, with no technical knowledge or third party services needed.

This tutorial uses our WooBuilder Blocks plugin. WooBuilder Blocks makes WooCommerce Product Page customization easy.

Video Walkthrough

Why A / B Split testing your Product Page design is important

Your WooCommerce Product Page is likely to be the most important page on your website. 

Having a great design, with great copy will have a huge impact on your sales success. 

A/B Split Testing lets you test different designs of the same WooCommerce Product to see which one converts the best. Then you can use the winning design and increase your sales. 

In the past A/B Split Testing has been costly and difficult to set up.

But we set out with the aim to make it incredibly easy and quick. 

WooBuilder Blocks Version 3 now includes a brand new Block called the Split Testing Block. The Split Testing Block makes it easy to create multiple versions of the same product and then see which one converts the best.

How WooCommerce A / B testing works

#1 Enable WooBuilder Blocks

First you need to click on blue enable blocks button on the right.

enable woobuilder blocks

#2 Add the Split Testing Block

Next – add the Split Testing Block – this is found in the WooBuilder panel in the Block Library

add split testing block

#3 Create your different designs

Click on the each of the Test 1 and Test 2 tabs in turn and create your WooCommerce Product designs in each tab. In the screencast below I’m using the pre-built templates that come with WooBuilder Blocks but you can create your own unique layout from scratch.

create variations

#4 Run the test

Now it’s time to run the test – your customers will see the different versions and WooBuilder Blocks will keep track of the impressions (i.e how often each version is viewed) and also conversions (when a customer clicks ‘add to cart’ we count that as a conversion).

#5 Measure Results and select the winning design

Once the test has been running a while (we recommend a month) then go and see the results. Click on the Stats tab and you’ll see impressions (that is the amount of views that product layout has had) and conversions (how many times the ‘add to cart’ button has been clicked). Next it’s time to select the winner in the right hand sidebar. Once you select the Winner, that layout will be shown to everyone.

see stats select winner

Re-running and restarting tests

If you want to restart your test or create new tests then you can re-open the test or you can clear the stats and start the test again. To re-open an existing test just select ‘test ongoing’ in the right hand sidebar. If you want to completely re-run the test, or create different layouts and test those, then you can click on the ‘clear stats’ button and all test data will be cleared.

restarting tests

Main Features

  • Takes only 10 minutes to set up
  • No 3rd Party Services required
  • Run as many tests as you like
  • No technical knowledge needed to set up

What types of thing could you test

  • Different Page layouts
  • Various Product Images
  • Using video for your product image
  • Amount of text on the page
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Different Product Titles

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