What’s new in Pootle Pagebuilder 4

pootle pagebuilder version 4

What’s new in Pootle Pagebuilder 4

We’ve just released version 4 of Pootle Pagebuilder and here’s what’s new. 

The biggest improvement we’ve made is to move row settings and also content block settings into the left hand customizer panel. This means that you can now ‘live preview’ any design changes you make. It’s a huge improvement that I hope you will love 🙂

We’ve also made lots and lots of other refinements and these are listed in the changelog below. 

Video overview of Pootle Pagebuilder 4


  • New – Content edit panel now shown as a sidebar and show preview live 🙂
  • New – Row styling panel now shown as sidebar and show live preview as well.
  • New – Content styling and content modules separated, now modules can only be dragged in content blocks.
  • New – Loader displayed when AJAX response is awaited.
  • New – Draggable handles redesigned to be more user friendly
  • New – Buttons and icons show editable tooltips
  • Fix – Title in blog customizer not showing ( z-index issue )
  • Fix – Photography addon and WooCommerce product gallery conflict
  • Tweak – Save/Publish and Live Edit made last items in admin bar.
  • Tweak – Live editor ajax callback cleared before calling.
  • Tweak – Live editor JS minified by task runner
  • Tweak – Content edit panel editor simplified
  • Tweak – Row styling icon always visible and first icon
  • Tweak – Row styling icon changed from paint brush to pencil
  • Tweak – Tour includes Drag and drop modules
  • Tweak – Hide unrendered dialogs html in live edit area

Video walkthrough of row settings

Video walkthrough of content block settings

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