WooCommerce Storefront Pro SalesPop

We’ve just launched Storefront Pro SalesPop, a free add on module for Storefront Pro customers. For more information on Storefront Pro click here

  • Displays the latest orders on your WooCommerce site 
  • Designed to work beautifully with the WooCommerce Storefront theme
  • Real-time notification of customer sales
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Helps you sell more products
  • SalesPops are linked so customers can click to view products
  • Fully responsive and customizable
  • Free for Storefront Pro customers

Here’s a little video that shows you how it works. 

Preview of Storefront Pro SalesPop

See the little SalesPop messages appearing in the bottom right. This can be configured in to appear on either the whole site or just your WooCommerce pages.

Introducing Storefront Pro SalesPop 1

Customization design options

We’ve built some nice options for you to customize the position and design of your SalesPop.

WooCommerce Storefront Pro SalesPop

Installation instructions

Storefront Pro SalesPop is a free add on for Storefront Pro customers. Go to Dashboard / Appearance / Storefront Pro / Modules and  install it there. 


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