The most flexible theme we could build – introducing 18tags Pro

Last week we released our 18tags Pro, our new premium WordPress theme.

When designing 18tags Pro our main design consideration was to make it as flexible and easy to customize as possible, but also very fast and lean. We did this in three ways.

  1. Theme customizer – we’ve added lots of lots of design customizations, so you can change the design of every element of your website.
  2. Live front end, drag and drop page builder – we’ve created an elegantly simple, but very powerful live front-end page designer.
  3. Page customizer – we’ve added the ability for you to customizer specific pages. Options include hiding header and footer, changing background images per page, changing header color per page and more.

18tags Pro main features over the free version include

  1. Live front-end drag and drop page builder
  2. Live search – instant search as the end user starts typing
  3. More sidebar controls
  4. Additional blog templates

Here’s two videos that walk you through the live page builder and also the theme customizer.

The live page builder

18tags Pro walkthrough from pootlepress on Vimeo.

The Theme customizer

18tags pro customization options intro from pootlepress on Vimeo.


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