18tags pro

18 Tags  Pro

flexible | beautiful | fast | mobile | powerful

a WordPress plugin that adds pro design features to the 18 Tags theme
lovingly crafted by pootlepress


Great pro add-on

To the best of my knowledge, 18 tags plus 18 tags pro are unique – the only themes available now that work like the old canvas. greatly appreciated …

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riaan De Villiers

Simple and Professional

Love the Pootle products and the great support. Suits my clients perfectly and my work flow is much improved.

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Jeanette Elton

Web Developer, Code wrangler

Intuitive, Inspired, Intelligent. It’s a fab, lean, mean WordPress machine. Easy to use great support through videos etc. But you don’t hardly need because its so easy to use. I was bit unsure whether it would deliver the flexibility and wow factor that I was looking for. But It does and then some…

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Jonathon Blakeley

Simply Awesome

Incredible customer support, every question answered and Jamie & his team even figured out and fixed a major issue for my client! Extremely happy! In fact, I bought ALL of Pootle’s products and everything works flawlessly! Thanks guys!! Brian Norcross Sample the Sparkle

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Brian Norcross

CONTENT voor elkaar is happy with Eighteen Tags Pro

Beautiful features make every website a joy to build and watch!

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Martine Kooi

Great Theme!

I switched from Canvas as my theme and I’m super impressed with 18 Tags pro. Very nice theme with impressive support!

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If you are looking for a theme that actually works & has the support that can save you from yourself…. this is that

18tags pro 1
Mike Owen


Great theme with lots of flexibility – if you liked Woo Canvas this is much better – keep up the good work!

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18 Tags Pro main features

NEW! – Home Page Hero Watch video
Live Theme Designer – shortcut links to live theme designer Watch video
Font Customizer – specify all fonts, including H1-H6 and body text Watch video
Menu customizer – more font controls for menu items (and drop downs) Watch video
Create mega menus Watch video
Six cool navigation layouts Watch video
Promotional header bar Watch video
Smooth header reveal Watch video
Works with best Page Builders Watch video
Extra Page Builder goodness Watch video
Card layouts Watch video
Change layout width Watch video
Change layout per page Watch video
Mobile logo Watch video
Landing pages – customize individual pages Watch video
Posts Page Customizer Watch video
Post Customizer Watch video
Extra post layout options Watch video
Infinite scrolling posts Watch video
Footer Customizer Watch video

The story behind 18tags Pro