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a WordPress plugin that adds pro design features to the 18 Tags theme
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Simply Awesome

Incredible customer support, every question answered and Jamie & his team even figured out and fixed a major issue for my client! Extremely happy! In fact, I bought ALL of Pootle’s products and everything works flawlessly! Thanks guys!! Brian Norcross Sample the Sparkle

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Brian Norcross

CONTENT voor elkaar is happy with Eighteen Tags Pro

Beautiful features make every website a joy to build and watch!

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Martine Kooi

Great Theme!

I switched from Canvas as my theme and I'm super impressed with 18 Tags pro. Very nice theme with impressive support!

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If you are looking for a theme that actually works & has the support that can save you from yourself.... this is that

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Mike Owen


Great theme with lots of flexibility - if you liked Woo Canvas this is much better - keep up the good work!

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Simple and Professional

Love the Pootle products and the great support. Suits my clients perfectly and my work flow is much improved.

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Jeanette Elton

Web Developer, Code wrangler

Intuitive, Inspired, Intelligent. It's a fab, lean, mean WordPress machine. Easy to use great support through videos etc. But you don't hardly need because its so easy to use. I was bit unsure whether it would deliver the flexibility and wow factor that I was looking for. But It does and then some...

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Jonathon Blakeley


18 Tags Pro Features


NEW! - Home page hero
Live theme designer - shortcut links to live theme designer
Font customizer - specify all fonts, including H1-H6 and body text.
Menu customizer - more font controls for menu items (and drop downs)
Create mega menus
6 cool navigation layouts
add social icons and contact information
Add a promotional header bar
smooth header reveal
Works with best pagebuilders
Extra pagebuilder goodness
Card layouts
Change layout width
Change layout per page
Mobile logo
Landing pages - customize individual pages
Customize the posts page
Customize single posts
Extra post layout options
Infinite scrolling posts
Customize the footer
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