New Canvas Extension – Menu Customizer [Preview Video]

Menu Customizer has just got a major update! Check out Menu Customizer 2 for Canvas.

Menu Customizer screen

We’ve been hard at work over the summer, both taking holidays with the family (sometimes hard work!) and developing new functionality for Canvas.

In the coming months we have major upgrades for Page Customizer and Mobile Menu Manager, but today we want to take time to show you something we’re really excited about – it’s called Menu Customizer.

Until now, you had to be a CSS genius to create stunning menus in Canvas. Imagine if you create ANY menu you wanted in Canvas? Imagine if you could do it REALLY quickly, with zero coding? That’s the task we set ourselves with Menu Customizer.

We could list out all the features (because there are loads) but it really is easier just to watch this video. We’re planning on launching this next week, so please give us your feedback (like you always do) in the comments below.


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  1. Well done gentlemen! Look forward to the release!

    Appreciate all the work you do to help us designers using Canvas to shine! : )

  2. I’d like to have the ability to customize the location and style of the search bar. My clients are always really picky about this and it would be great to give them a tool to play around with so they can test different placements and looks.

  3. Looks really awesome. Thanks for creating this!

  4. Looks great. Was going to buy the sticky header plugin today, but obviously I can do this and a lot more with the new plugin. Is there any chance to use a beta or first release nxt Friday…?

  5. Can’t wait for this, been planning a re-do of my site soon and this would be the perfect thing to give me that push!!

  6. Looks fantastic!! Exactly the thing that is on my wishlist. Thank you!

  7. Thanks, looks cool.

    One small request, rather than only having videos could you at least have a text run down.

    I find this with lots of your blogs and products. I don’t want to watch a video I want to read what it can do and how it can do it.

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  8. Nice work as always! One thing that would help me is to show how the responsive states affect your plugins. The menus look great, but how do they look on a wide iPad, or smaller screen? I assume they disappear on a phone, but you get the idea. This is more of a general comment for all of your teaser videos. Cheers!

  9. Guys,

    As per email, just wanted to say a big thank you -this will save me hours!

    1. Cool Darron – glad you think it’s a good one!

  10. As a web designer and somewhat of a CSS expert, I can tell you this is long overdue and very much welcomed. The Menu Customizer will save me countless hours of customizing Canvas CSS.

    I hope you will offer a multiple license package, since I already know I would like to use it on many of my sites.

    I’m counting the days until it becomes available.

    1. Hey Steve – thanks for that. We’re totally thinking about licences at the moment, so your comment is very timely! Cheers, Nick

  11. Amazing. Can’t tell you how grateful I am, as a design-impaired writer/editor, to be able to do wonderful things in WordPress without tremendous amounts of research and hair-pulling.

    1. Cool. You’re why we do these plugins George. Thanks!

  12. Looks great! Will you be able to add (and possibly style a bit) the Woocommerce/Canvas drop-down menu cart?

    1. Hi Shawn, not at the moment, but we’d love to add this – so GREAT feedback. Can I ask what kind of styling and controls you are thinking? Cheers! Nick

      1. If you give this plugin the ability add the drop-down cart to the custom menus it would be fantastic. If you could edit colors, size and switch out the cart icon this plugin would be perfect (and woocommerce users).

        1. Hi Shawn, you will be effectively about to swap out the cart icon but removing it in Canvas (as per the standard remove option) and then creating a new look cart icon with Menu Customizer. Understand also though about wanting to edit the colors and size of the cart icon… Will look into that. Thanks for your feedback!

  13. This is great! I’m looking forward to it!

    1. Hey Bert – would love to chat to you about your coffee company as I have some business interests in a small coffee start up… Can you get in touch on Twitter @NickPootle?

  14. Looks great.

    – If there could be a different padding for the call to action bottom ( or the call to action bottom align right and the rest of the menu align left)

    – It would be nice if if could be used for menus in the sidebar too. I lot of my customers want the submenu in the sitebar or a vertical menu.

    Looking forward to it.


    1. Thanks Susanne. Great feedback. For point 1 – not sure I understand. Can you explain more. 2) Vertical menu is something we are working on for the next version of this. We have considered using the sidebar for a vertical menu, but there may be a better way we are planning on. Do you have an examples of vertical menus you like? Thanks! Nick

  15. Brilliant, guys/gals! This is one of the main missing elements of Canvas. I used to design with Front Page and then Expression Web before gravitating toward WordPress. Once I learned WP, I have converted most of my client’s sites and my current company’s sites to WordPress. To design WP templates, I used Artisteer. I found it to work ok, but not play well with WooCommerce when I developed an ecommerce site for a client. After some research, I decided to get Canvas, and while I love the flexibility it offers, it was missing a lot of elements to create really unique sites. Your tools have allowed Canvas to blossom.

    This tool really rounds out Canvas as a high-end template tool for WordPress. Thanks, Pootle!

    1. “Your tools have allowed Canvas to blossom.” Loving this Shane! Thanks so much!! Makes us happy. Definitely keep suggesting stuff for us to help you out… 😉

  16. This just made my day – Thank you looking very much – looking forward to next week!

  17. keith whalen Avatar
    keith whalen

    I could say its great, just what I have been waiting for or even brilliant. But you must be sick of me saying that by now.

    Well done

    1. Haha! Cheers Keith (as always!!)

  18. Think they all look brilliant, the best one being the last one “dotify”. Will definitely be buying.
    Would have liked to see one of them displaying sub menu items.

    1. Hi Kevin, just finishing of a video where I create the WooThemes menu… nice sub-menu features…

  19. Love it guys, very nice. Any chance it could be expanded to allow images in the drop downs like this site?

    1. Way ahead of you Martin… (great suggestion!)

  20. That’s awesome, Nick – almost wants me to convert completely to Canvas from Genesis! I think the “makes Canvas blossom” comment is a fitting one. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    1. Cheers Jurgen! Yes – come across to the Canvas side… ; )

  21. Yay! Yay! Yay! Send us an email when we can purchase!

    1. Will do Jennifer. Everyone on our email list will get some kind of offer too!

  22. Julie Moose Avatar
    Julie Moose

    Great work looking forward to this being released and available can see this be used in various projects.

  23. Looks great.

    One question. How will it handle the WooCommerce Cart Link and/or items total when it is selected to be output in Canvas?

    When output the cart link in separate unordered list floated to the right of the navigation.

    It get’s screwed up when you try to center the primary navigation and the cart link still is floating right.

    Have you guys accommodated the WooCommerce cart link?

  24. Jamie, Nick & Rosie:
    Your new Menu Customizer tool is a thrill to watch and wait for . It will surely be a big hit and evolve under your capable hands to a flagship tool that we cal all enjoy.
    Fantastically 🙂


  25. kyla.brits Avatar

    Good day,

    I apologise if this is a ignorant question, I am quite new to Pootlepress. I have purchased the new Menu Customizer and seen the video, yet I do not have the options that the video shows. I am installed and activated and have the Canvas theme with latest Woo framework. Do I need some other extension with this or what?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Not at all Kyla – please email Your purchase comes with full email support…

      1. kyla.brits Avatar

        Thank you very much Nick, I have sent a mail. Appreciate your help.

        South Africa

  26. keith whalen Avatar
    keith whalen

    Purchased and starting to work with it today. Looks great

    1. Cool – let us know what you think Keith!

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